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Looking for new mums/groups

Posted by JanieP-183958 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Nitsirk - 15 years ago

Hi Clara,

I live in Nice and am pregnant with twins due in August. Do you have boys or girls?

I am interested to know if there are any twins clubs in Nice with English speaking people as like Janie I am just too tired after 4  montsh of 3 hours sleep per night to converse for long in French at the moment.

I am also interested in things like what you think is the best stroller for around Nice for twins. An inline one or side by side?

How old are your twins?

Kind Regards



At what stage did you deliver your babies (how many weeks) and was it in France?


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Posted by AllezOG - 15 years ago


Obviously your project is a fantastic idea.

May i ask if this is a community project or a bilingual school along the lines of Le Pain D'Epice in Nice.

We send our son to both French Garderie and Maternelle which we are exceptionally happy with however it would be nice for him to interact, play with children with other languages.

Perhaps closer to opening of the kidsclub or when the website is up and running you could let us know and give us some details......prices etc





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Posted by ArnoldA-200371 - 15 years ago

That sounds great.  Unfortunately we have some way to go before they can attend, as they are just 9 months old.

But I will keep an eye out for the website, and in a few months time pop along to visit and sign up.

Good luck, it is just what is needed.


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Posted by JanieP-183958 - 15 years ago

Hi Nigel

We will be moving to Vence end of Oct/beg. of November.

I know our children are different ages, but I have some other friends with children, and we could all get together occasionally, if you like.

I am keen to get the children swimming asap as we are buying a place with a pool, which makes me very nervous.  I would also like to find out various places to go with children as I do not know the area very well.

Let me know if you want to meet up sometime. I will though understand if you are looking just for people with children of the same age.


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Posted by Snowman-185063 - 15 years ago

Hi there,

I was wondering if there was anyone living in Cannes or Le Cannet, searching for other parents, to hangout with during the week with their kids. I have a 13 month old son, and we regually go to the Parks, beach, swimming.


Nigel Wright

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Posted by JanieP-183958 - 15 years ago

Hi Clara

I was given your number by Janet just before you moved over here - then lost it, sorry!

I will telephone you the week begginning 26th July, once the parents have left, so we can arrange to meet up.

It will be great to live near to one another!

I live in Roquebilliere, 55kms north of Nice.  Should be moving to Vence end of October if all goes well.

Speak soon and thanks for getting in touch!

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Posted by ClaraG - 15 years ago

Janie, I also have twins and have recently moved to Nice - We might have a mutual friend in Weybridge (Janet?). If you want to get together, then get in touch on 04 92 04 01 68.