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Monthly Vegan Get -Together

Posted by Janne-181880 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Janne-181880 - 16 years ago

As usual, our Get-Together will be on the last Saturday evening of the month.  Last time we had people from as far away as the Var and Monaco!  Vegetarians and non vegetarians, all people of good will are welcome. 

As long as the groups are small (up to 20 or so), we meet at the Speakeasy in Nice.  Don't be put off by Patrick Middleton's rantings about the Speakeasy.  He ate here once, 2 years ago, asked for double portions of everything (and got them), scarfed everything down, and then wonders why he had a heavy stomache afterwards...  Actually, I think the Reporter's bashing comes more from the fact that we pulled our advertising from them (they kept expecting us to pay for adverts that had typing errors in them!  Or maybe, since they don't like vegetarians, their mistakes weren't errors at all...). 

All necessary info regarding our Get-Together will be posted on Anglo Info around July 20.  Hope you can join us!



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Posted by axelblody - 16 years ago

where and when are you going to held your veggie party.