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New in town

Posted by classylassy - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by irenezt - 9 years ago

Hi guys,

I'm 26 years old girl and I work in Monaco. I live here for less than 1 year. For the moment I don't have much friends here but I'd love to..If you want sometimes we can go out for a coffe, cinema or smthg like this. Sincerely Irene

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Posted by Tosh-199278 - 15 years ago

You could try joining the pub crawl on Saturday starting in Thor at 8pm. Its a good way to meet people around your age.

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Posted by marcbanjan - 15 years ago

Drop me a line and let us see the sense of adventure...

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Posted by Mr Monaco - 15 years ago

Hey!  With a name like "Classy Lassy" you sound like you may be Scottish.

I can show you around Monaco if you wish!

Kind regards,

Mr Monaco

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Posted by Mark_J - 15 years ago

Hi there Classylassy,

Just in case you have not been carpet bombed with replies from your posting on Angloinfo.

I too have recently arrived down here (sent by my company).

I am also very keen on hiking/climbing, which is very good around here. And I am struggling to find anybody tough enough! This weekend they were begging for mercy after the first hour!

I live and work in Monaco. I have amassed a good selection of books on outdoor activities in the local area. As well as hiking etc I am looking for nutters to come snow shoeing in December

Would be great to hear from you.


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Posted by gregg-198950 - 15 years ago

Hello leehan, i received an email from anglo today saying you had replied to an email of mine and to check it out on the anglo website, i don,t know if you had replied to me or to classy lassy topic ? send an email back to let me know please, cheers Gregg.

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Posted by leahann - 15 years ago

hello! i am 21 year old female out here studying, if you would like to meet up for a drink sometime let me know, i am living with another girl from london.

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Posted by gregg-198950 - 15 years ago

Hello classy lassy, I,m a 25 year old single male from england and i will be moving to the cote d,azur in the new year to live and work and i would like to get to know some english speaking people out there as i won,t know anyone. If you are interested in getting to know me give me an email back.     Look forward to hearing from you, regards Gregg.

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Posted by maximin - 15 years ago


I am basically from india and been here  for 18 months and almost similar intreast as u r .

 i m working in  a restaurant and have an appartement . if u r intreasred plz mail me and we wil meet up somewhere .