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Posted by Yuan-889725 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by cotedazurarts - 5 years ago

Ha ha!  Your post made me smile!  I was born in Singapore and we used to watch the "wayang" (Chinese street opera) regularly.  I am not an expert on Chinese opera but I do know that if you are wondering whether it is worth going to see one then I would say definitely "yes"!  It is true that it is a very stylised theatre art but if you take a little time one day to read about the origins I think it might help you to be more interested in the idea of going to one.  

Just to say that "wayang" (a Malay word for "theatre") is particular to Singapore but it was brought there by Chinese immigrants 150 years ago.  It is Chinese opera.  Here is a link which will tell you all you need to know! Hope you enjoy it if you do decide to go! :)  

Wayang (Chinese street opera) (http://infopedia.nl.sg/articles/SIP_1218_2011-06-28.html)