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pixillation on bbc and itv

Posted by calcalino - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by calcalino - 16 years ago

completely baffled now - for the past four or five days have received perfect - yes perfect- reception for all channels using my 60 dish as i always used to.....what is happening out there?

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Posted by shazza-193491 - 16 years ago

I'm still abit worried about moving my dish in case I lose all other channels. I had just got the package and when I got back to France I tried searching other channels to get ITV and each time lost the other channels. I had too take out all the wires and then plug it back in to get all my listings back. If in deed you can get ITV from a different region how to I get it in my list as I have only ITV Meriden. Yes also I get BBC from 944 as my 101 was BBC South.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

 ... or until she's made sure your life insurance policies are updated!

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Posted by grahamt-184180 - 16 years ago

My dish is 80cm ,and I've had some problems with BBC but not ITV.

Everything else seems OK though.

I was going to go up on the roof,and play around with the dish,but was not permitted by my better half in case I fell off due to a slippery roof.

Just wait til ER or Eastenders has a problem!!!!!

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Posted by calcalino - 16 years ago

convinced (almost!!) that it's atmospherics that are interfering on some channels....what was clear yesterday (i.e. new local itv and bbc channels) are not very happy today and doing some of the pixillation/splutter stuff....suppose could change dish to larger size - but until about a week ago we have had perfect reception on all channels am loathe to change

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Posted by rosetta-185721 - 16 years ago

I had the same problem and now use BBC London - it works fine. Strange, but true.


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Posted by irishman-180738 - 16 years ago

This is a known 'phenomenon' the reason lies in that the different regions are transmitted from several different transponders. For example Ulster Television (ITV1 for Northern Ireland) tends to be a weaker signal down here than Carlton. The secret is to manually tune to the transponder that you are wanting and then align your dish to bring in the best quality signal for it. You may lose a little on the stronger signals but not enough to have them pixelate.

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Posted by calcalino - 16 years ago

strangest thing - may have solved problem by changing channels i pick up from - ie not bbc london but bbc oxford, not itv london but itv channel isles....strange or what!!


or maybe it's just the weather helping me today

thanks anyway everyone (am still with 60 dish so far)

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Posted by ian81-188951 - 16 years ago

How do you check the quality on sky remote services then press 4 followed by option 6

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Posted by carrington-181725 - 16 years ago

Advice ? Score yourself a bigger dish.