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Planet Earth - One World One People

Posted by World Citizen - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Tina Giordano - 16 years ago

Dear Planet Earth,
Do you have any Far East Asians in your group of 22 nationalities?  I am a Chinese American who have just moved to the CDA, resident and 35.  I haven't really met any Asian friends and was wondering if you had any as members?
Please write me at contactcommunications@yahoo.com
Sincerely yours,
Tina Giordano

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Posted by World Citizen - 16 years ago

Thank you to all those who have responded so far! We are now 22 nationalities! It will be great when we have our first function to have such a mix of people from all round the world!

We are now in the process of getting organised as a club. We will contact individually all those who have written in. In the meantime if there are any more who are interested in joining us please do contact us by email at the following address:-   citizens_of_the_world@yahoo.co.uk

One world - one people

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Posted by World Citizen - 16 years ago

Thank you Gaella and Charlotte for your very valid point. Really it should not have been even mentioned. The only reason it got in was because for practical reasons people who are not resident in the area  would not be able to participate at events! However the point is taken and that clause is deleted from this moment! Anybody is welcome to be a member where ever they live. Obviously, they will have to be visiting the CDA to be able to participate in our activities. As far as age is concerned  this is not an issue either! People of all ages are welcome. Thank you to both of you for your very constructive criticism!

As for the response so far it has been great. We have received 21 inquiries since yesterday and guess what? Among the 21 are 16 nationalities! So there are people who think the idea is good!! We have also received an email from someone who thinks it's such a good idea that he is willing to have his Company sponsor the club for various things!!! Thank you Sir!!


One World One People

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Posted by Spidey-189686 - 16 years ago

Must admit that that is does sound a bit hypocritical!!!

I`ve been to quite a few events set up by Si and Suzie at the Forum, www.theforumfrance.com and have always been made to feel very welcome, they always have a real wide range of age groups and nationalities too.



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Posted by Charlotte-C-184762 - 16 years ago

"to promote friendship and unity among all the peoples of the world" - as long as they live on the CDA and are exclusively aged between 30 and 60.....seems a tad hypocritical

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Posted by gaella - 16 years ago

Why have the restriction that people must be residents of CDA? It's a legal matter that should not separate the citizens of the world you want to gather, plus it does not necessarily ensure that 'residents' will be 'regulars' (if that's the goal).