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Riviera by bike

Posted by jelena-194116 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by lob-189383 - 15 years ago

as someone who thumps down the roads on a road bike year round - you have chosen about the flattest ride in the region! traffic is heavy but i always make a point of riding a little out from the curb so cars actually have to overtake you and not try and squeeze past - this is when you get into trouble in my opinion.temperatures this year much lower than last - but the coast road is generally the hottest as v.little shade and low altitude.

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Posted by harpo-187362 - 15 years ago

Hi Jelena,

Nice-Antibes-Cannes is no great distance by bike and is relatively flat, the problem is more the traffic on the roads at this time of the year.  I would really not recommend it!  If you want to do the cities then use the coastal rail or bus lines.

If to want to cycle to enjoy the area then go inland, the roads are less busy, you soon hit open countryside and the hills.


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Posted by marcandjen-180991 - 15 years ago

Summer is not the time to ride the coast. Traffic is highest of the entire year. If you are a skilled rider and used to many miles in dense traffic, you can get around quick but if all you intend to do is a few km between the coastal cities and towns, take the train instead. You will be obliged to get off and push your bike within the towns in any case and your two wheels will quickly become a burden when you want to find a place to leave them safely. That said, if you want to enjoy some of the best cycling any place anywhere has to offer and are fit and keen to ride long hills and in general enjoy mountainous (not hilly) riding, bring the bikes and head inland, where there is next to no traffic once the hills rise and plenty to see and enjoy. For the coast though, train and foot is recommended.