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Riviera Radio giving way more cash Help?

Posted by kevinp-190128 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by Jayne-190005 - 15 years ago

I too have been answering my phone with "I listen to Riviera Radio all day" for weeks (no luck yet, but I live in hope) - in the meantime people who phone think I'm nuts!

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Posted by ordrey - 15 years ago

I've been answering my phone for weeks with 'I listen to riviera radio all day.

No ones called me yet but I live in hope.Great for the people who have won though.Anyone know how much they've given away ?

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Posted by jaaaine - 15 years ago

yes :))))))))

Send your number to  studio@rivieraradio.mc


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Posted by Jack Kelly - 15 years ago

Actually you may not WANT them to call you -- if you have an answerphone with your details on the OGM. I just heard Meyers make a call which was answered by an answerphone. He allowed the entire outgoing message to be broadcast. So, the called individual had their home phone as well as the cell phone numbers revealed to those listening at that moment.

Hellooooo!! RR aren't your lawyers already making enough money?

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Posted by Tom Cat - 15 years ago

Whats that got to do with giving cash away.

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Posted by argyle-181190 - 15 years ago

  Getting better !!

  I returned to Cote D'Azur last week after 4 month break and switched hire car radio on. It only took 5 records before a Phil Collins record, and one of them was Billy Joel's Uptown Girl !

  Gave it another go next day, but Rod Stewart, followed by Tina Turner did it for me.

  But I have come to the conclusion that I,a male in 35-45 range,is not the person they are aiming at, but not sure who their target audience is.

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Posted by kevinp-190128 - 15 years ago

station seems to be getting better