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Riviera radio to give away 10,000 cash this week

Posted by kevinp-190128 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by topcat-180794 - 16 years ago

After 6 years living down here, we finally stopped listening to RR after the Christmas fiasco when they played Christmas songs non-stop for 1 month. Nearly all of us like Christmas songs but this was way over the top......

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Posted by Goose-193992 - 16 years ago

They won't have many listeners left if the feedback i'm getting is anything to go by.  So many people are sick of hearing the publicity and say they'd be happier if the station went back to giving out lots of smaller prizes.  My husbands blood pressure goes up (and the radio gets turned right down) every time he hears it - i for one will be glad when it's all over.  Good luck to the winner.goose

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

They have now changed the wording of the announcements .... it used to say :

"When you hear the the four songs played one after another or the last note of the last song".

They have now cut out the last part - which made no sense anyway.

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Posted by Black Cat-192495 - 16 years ago

quote:RR budget is not that of Morris Communications. id=quote>True, but I do know that they send a tremendous amount of money over here and that the station has the highest operating budget in its history. If I told you how I know that, I suspect Admin would have to zap me, so I'll leave it at that. You either believe me or you don't.quote:There are more people happy with the station than not.id=quote>There I would have to disagree. Whenever the subject comes up in private I find that a large majority of locals have either stopped listening or only listen at specific times (BBC News, Breafkfast). There was a time, long ago, when we all listened all day and enjoyed every minute.That is, of course, an unofficial opinion, but it is mine and also of a great many others in the "silent majority" I think.

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Posted by Shuba - 16 years ago

As you said Black Cat, Morris owns RR, not the other way around. RR budget is not that of Morris Communications. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

There are more people happy with the station than not. Notice it’s always the same people complaining. Is it not true that we are much quicker to complain than to compliment?


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Posted by Black Cat-192495 - 16 years ago

quote:All this complaining about RR is totally beyond comprehension.id=quote>No it isn't. People would like a community station in English they feel is worth listening to and some quite a few people feel that's not what they're getting. Those who remember the "old" Riviera Radio of 10 years ago will remember it was a real community station that almost everyone listened to and few complained about. To put it simply: it was really useful and interesting community radio.quote:As far as the 10,000 give away, they are doing some great marketing and fund raising even though it is annoying.id=quote>If a station has to resort to giving money away to get listeners, doesn't that say something about its programming? As Spidey points out, the money could go to improving content.quote:Its a local stationid=quote>Again, those who remember will know just how useful a real "local" station can be. Apart from a bit of (sometimes erroneous) local news and weather, RR is far from being that these days, in my opinion.quote:doing its best, with limited fundsid=quote>I have heard before that the station has limited funds. That is simply not true. The station was bought by its American owners for an amount that isn't small change by anyone's standards. (A former station manager publicly announce $4.9 million as the price it was boiught for.) There's still plenty of money coming in from America to finance the station. Some RR salaries are very high, even by Monaco standards (good for the staff!).The station's owners, Morris Communications is a family owned business worth tens of millions of dollars. Doesn't look like "limited funds" to me. It looks more like an ultra-rich successful broadcasting and publishing empire. At http://www.morris.com you can get some idea of just how rich they are. Here is just a part some of the info on their site:- Morris Communications owns 38 newspapers (26 dailies and 13 nondailies) in 14 states - Morris Communications owns Fairway Outdoor Advertising with branches in five states.-   Morris Communications Company’s owns 33 radio stations and two radio networks: Alaska, Texas, Washington, Kansas, California (and Monaco, of course). - Morris Communications book publishing division manages approximately 1,000 new titles annually.- Morris Communications visitor publications division: guidebooks reach millions of travelers and vacationers in the United States and London, England.-Morris Communications magazines and specialized publications = 30 publications - Morris Communications’ 23 free community papers are published in seven states and have a total weekly circulation of more than 500,000.-Commercial Printing: Millions of pieces of printed materials come off the presses of Morris Communications' two commercial printing operations each year. - Morris Digital Works multimedia development company that provides Internet-based products and services for Morris properties and external clients. Quote from website: "Most Morris newspapers and other business entities have thriving online operations".- Morris Communications Event Marketing Division.Limited funds? I don't think so.

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Posted by Shuba - 16 years ago

All this complaining about RR is totally beyond comprehension.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

 To be able to complain so much about RR you must all be listening, so that means they ARE doing something right in getting so many people that hate the station to listen to it!

As far as the 10,000 give away, they are doing some great marketing and fund raising even though it is annoying. Most marketing campaigns and advertising is annoying to most of us but because of the nature and mentality of the human race they work. I bet more people than ever before has tuned in since the launch of this competition and for the last 8 days there will be record numbers.

I doubt seriously whether it will take more than an hour or two to reach caller number 10065 since most people will phone in more than once.

I certainly don't like all the music....but, then I prefer the music on RR to most other stations available ….and maybe because I don’t feel the need to always complain.



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Posted by michaelh-184806 - 16 years ago

Its a local station, doing its best, with limited funds and at last some decent DJs and giving away 10,000 euros.
If anyone is giving away stuff to our little community, its got to be positive, hasn't it?

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Posted by kevinp-190128 - 16 years ago

If you don't like it why keep listening, there are lots of other stations.

I like the music, the jokes and the local news.

I wouldn't mind the 10k, you are not forced to call you do it if you want to.

I bet it will go over the weekend.... or Monday

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Posted by t-stag-180429 - 16 years ago

Spidey has got it exactly right!  Please expand the play list and bring back Henk Potts.  I know you can't please all the people all the time, but there are too many old tracks that are a big turn off - heartbreaker - for one. Perhaps we could complie a list of all time hated tracks ..............Steve