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Riviera This 'n That

Posted by aureatus - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Crystal Balls-184435 - 16 years ago

I don't see why anyone with internet access should have to read through the British Connexion / The Gazette etc which basically churn out either second hand UK news or tired French local news. - You can read the Times / Telegraph online and get the latest news from the BBC website.

I do like the reporter because it offers editorial comment, whether I agree with all of it or not.

Riviera Radio's music selection seems to have gone downhill of late (oddly enough since they've been asking for listener feedback), and radio International is only listenable until 9 a.m.(for the BBC World Service) and for an hour on Saturday PMs (when they have the sports round up).

All the above is my personal opinion of course.



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Posted by bridget j-183853 - 16 years ago

Dear Aureatus,

I don't agree with you at all about the English Yellow Pages. First of all, it is really good to actually HAVE English Yellow Pages in the Riviera. I think the English speaking community is quite lucky to have that. Yes it's not as good as the French Yellow Pages but it's for the English-speaking community (which is not that big) isn't it? I'm sure other communities living in the Riviera don't have the privilege to have Yellow Pages and I'd be very surprised if there were French Yellow Pages for the French community in England. As far as other publications in English are concerned, they might not all be of brilliant quality, but at least they exist, and there are quite a lot of papers in English, whereas, again, other communities don't have that privilege. Why don't all those who complain gather up to create a better publication instead of moaning at the existing ones?

I wish you all a nice day


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Posted by SirLurkalot - 16 years ago

Go on then, tell us your honest opinion of them!  Stir everyone up!

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Posted by aureatus - 16 years ago

Hello again all :-)
I've now managed to get copies (and even back copies) of most of the publications mentioned here. As I see it, there's both bad and good amongst them. If anyone's interested in my honest opinion, I'd be happy to post it.
I've also got hold of a copy of the "English Yellow Pages", the only directory I could find so far (maybe I dunno where to look?). Seems to me it isn't really what it claims - as it just looks like page after page of the same advertisers under different categories, and then with a load of empty pages too... (Surely there's more than the one plumber they mention on the coast who speaks English?). IMHO, it's a good idea, badly done, could be done better. What are the other directories?  

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Posted by SirLurkalot - 17 years ago

brian dead, I'll give the Riv Gazette another try when I next see it.


I don't really see the point of newspapers that just recycle/summarise UK news.  Maybe that sort of paper had a role in pre-internet/SkyTV days, but now there are so many accessible UK outlets for UK news, a local spin on it seems obsolete.

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Posted by the_geezer - 17 years ago

I would echo what others have said here, and that is there is room for all the above print media on the Riviera.

You'd need to be only functioning at 50% of average intelligence to manage to read all publications produced for the Riveria. So it's really not hard, just keep them in your loo and you'll have 'em all read in just a few sessions.

There is another publication, the British Connexion. It's basically UK news, pretty chatty, but does cover some of the human interest stories that even Sky News doesn't have time for. It's light and trite, but kind of fun. And it's pretty chunky compared to other publications (I won't even say rivals because everyone is aiming at a different readership). It comes out once a month.

But as for Riveria Radio... well there really is NO excuse for it being so bad. It's just a shame (for them) that the 80s are not yet back in vogue...


The Geezer

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Posted by brian dead - 17 years ago

SirLurkalot reflecting the majority opinion? No, you're speaking for yourself m8, which is the most anyone can do without some sort of mandate.

Myself, I read everything that comes my way. I don't really understand why anyone would want to be partisan when it comes to the area's English media - they all serve different purposes, and none is so bad that they should pack up and go home immediately.

I'm not a fan of the Riviera Times because I find it boring, the writing style is fluffy and verbose and it reminds me of the worst sort of trade magazine - it's mostly features and no news, but this is hardly surprising as it only comes out once a month. I'm trying hard, but I can't think of a positive thing to say.

The Riviera Reporter is well executed, but only coming out every two months makes it largely irrelevant. I don't like the way they knock people, the riviera, and the region's other media all the time. I've seen so many readers lynched in print over the years for writing in with opinions that differ from those of the editor. The whole thing seems tinged by bitterness to me. I get the feeling that the people that write for the Reporter don't actually want to be here and are not enjoying it. It also has an older 'fusty' feeling - I bet the average reader is retired.

The Riviera Gazette is excellent. It's the only one that tries seriously to cover local news, and being weekly it can do this well. I never see the other media at anglophone happenings, but the Gazette is nearly always there, snapping and scribbling away. It's a little on the thin side perhaps, but hey, it's free, so it would be ungrateful to complain. And anyway, those four or five slim little issues every month still add up to more than anyone else gives me. Its not been going long (a year?) but I imagine it will grow into a truly great local paper eventually. As someone who can't read or watch French news, I appreciate having the Gazette. It also doesn't take itself too seriously. Of course some won't enjoy it because it has chosen the tabloid format, and it's fashionable to hold your nose and say 'Eeeew!' when anyone mentions a tabloid paper.

Connection Cote d'Azur is interesting and eclectic, but could be about nearly anywhere. I pick it up when I see it, which isn't that often.

And finally, the radio. I listen to Rock of the Riviera when I can, but the signal where I am is not good. Radio International is great in the early mornings for hours of uninterrupted BBC World Service, but to be honest I find myself switching off when it ends. Riviera Radio has been criticised a lot here (including some from me), but they're just another bunch who are doing the best job they can with limited resources. Possibly their resources are just a little TOO limited to do the job well. Thank heavens the BBC has put Radio 4 on the internet.

Of course, this is all just my two (euro) cents. You may think otherwise, and that's fine with me. Nighty night!

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Posted by Jack Kelly - 17 years ago

Mike -- when you have the chance perhaps The Rock of The Riviera deserves a spot in your media>>radio listing?

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Posted by SirLurkalot - 17 years ago


Admin's "here" link summarises well what's available. 

Well spotted, there are two publications with Connection in their title.  In my opinion Connection Cote d'Azur is worth a quick read if you see a copy to hand, but not worth chasing after, and in my opinion The Connection isn't worth reading at all.  You can find the free publications (ie most of those listed in the "here" link) in the English-orientated bars and shops, ie the English language bookshops in each town, Geoffreys in Antibes etc.

There are, as Admin links to, between two and four English Yellow Pages.  In my opinion they're not very useful.  Supposing you want to buy a widget, you'd look up widget shops in the Eng YP and find a shop that suited you.  Trouble is, when you call up and say "I'd like to buy a widget" in English, you usually find the person you're talking to is French, and that the one person in the shop who speaks English didn't answer the phone, so you feel stupid.  What's needed is for the name of the shop's English speaker(s) to be listed, so that when you call you can say "Puis-je parler avec Fred Bloggs?" to the French phone-answerer, before getting Fred on the line to discuss widgets in English.  I understand that listing the names of the English speakers might well be impractical because of staff turnover, but if that's true then sadly that means the whole concept of an English YP is in my opinion impractical.  It's usually simpler just to go to an ordinary French widget shop and talk in French the best you can.

In my opinion there are a lot of Eng-lang publications here.  Most have started in the last couple of years, and perhaps the English media market is now oversupplied.  I don't know their financial situation, but I expect there will continue to be changes.  I doubt there is enough Eng-lang advertising revenue available on the CdA to sustain all of them.  In my opinion the better ones are Riv Reporter, AngloINFO and (reluctantly) tired old Riv Radio.

(hope that's enough "in my opinion's" to avoid this being libellous!)

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Posted by mike-179830 - 17 years ago

A run-down of the locally-available media is here, together with links to the Web sites of those publications that have them. If you want a sample copy of a given publication I suggest you contact the publisher via their site and ask for one.

There are at least two English-language "yellow pages" directories ( maybe as many as four, depending on whether The Riviera Times publishes the one it was advertising, and/or France Télécom publishes its tourist-focused selection).

As for the number of "Brits" - no one knows the size of the English-speaking resident international community and anyone who says they do is merely giving false authority to a guess. Guesses - the more informed ones, anyway - tend to put the number at somewhere between 75,000 and 250,000, but it all depends on your definition of "here", "English-speaking", "resident" and so on (added to an almost total absence of anyhting resembling authoritative raw data).