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Satellite radio

Posted by zola-195005 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Mark Dezzani - 16 years ago

Hi Black Cat,

quite right, the flap antennae does have to 'see south' for the WorldSpace receiver to work, so if you are in a north facing flat, you will not be able to receive a signal. The antennae is detachable from the set, and all sets come with a 5m extension cable for the antennae as standard. It can receive the signal through glass, although double glazing can block out the signal. The antennae alignment is not critical like a TV satellite dish. I just plonk it down in roughly the right direction et voila! It can turn through about 60 degrees and can tilt between 30 degrees before it loses the signal, so it is quite convenient for yachts and non tecchies.

I have Sky for radio (& TV!) in the living room, with the audio piped through to the kitchen, and a WorldSpace set in my office. Many Radio Caroline listeners have acquired wireless speakers so they can hear the station via Sky or WorldSpace around their house and garden from their Sky receiver or WorldSpace set, or even Internet connection. Of course the same works for any other station on these platforms. There is a special Wireless Speakers offer for "Radio Caroline listeners" at this site:


Of course WorldSpace comes into its own for mobile reception; On the beach, business travellers, yachts, picnics etc.. A car antennae for WorldSpace and also car receivers have been developed and should be on the market soon.

Another favourite listen of mine on WorldSpace is National Public Radio (NPR.) With so much happening in the Gulf, and the US Presidential election this year it is essential listening for news/current affairs junkies. (NPR news can also be heard on The Rock Of The Riviera 88.4FM.)

What do other people listen to via Sky etc...

My listening mix is quite eclectic: Riviera Radio for local news as well as Radio Bleu for more detailed traffic info; Radio International for extended BBC News programmes in the morning and early evening. The Rock Of The Riviera for NPR news and classic Rock. Radio Caroline for new and classic album music. BBC World Service & NPR for International news. WorldZone for World Music. An occasional zap around French & Italian stations. My favourite Italian stations are Radio Capital & Radio Monetcarlo.

Has anyone heard a wonderful new station from Monte Carlo called MCOne? It can only be received in the Monaco/Menton area on 98.2 FM. I can hear it here in Seborga, Italy as Monaco is line of sight. It is also streamed on the Internet: www.one.mc

It broadcasts a wonderful, tasteful, adventurous, eclectic mix of quality music. It is testing at the moment, so it will be interesting to see how much the speech content (in French) will be, or if they will maintain this great music flow. Fans of FIP might appreciate this station.


Mark D.

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Posted by Black Cat-192495 - 16 years ago

Worldspace does allow access to all sorts of stations you wouldn't easily get otherwise. There are some inconveients however. You have to point the miniture sat dish in roughly the right direction and reception is line-of-sight. So, if you only have North facing windows or balcony you might find reception difficult if not impossible.I find that normal sat reception through Sky (dozens of UK stations including most of BBC radio, Virgin, etc are part of the standard Sky package) is a better option... at least in my case.I also found a simple way to plug a laptop into the "aux" of my home stereo so I can get web radio through the speakers throughout the house. There is a lot of choice on the web for local stations from "home" (even if home is a very long way away). You can find hundreds of stations listed at http://www.radio-locator.com.In all of these cases, car reception is out of the question (although Worldspace does allow some mobility, which web-radio and fixed sat reception does not).

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Posted by Mark Dezzani - 16 years ago

Hi Zola,

'Carrefour Electromenager' in Monaco are selling a WorldSpace only model, and some local ship chandlers might still have the excellent Hitachi model that also has FM, AM & SW bands and is handy for travelling. Otherwise this model has been discontinued. It has a single speaker giving mono sound, but there is a stereo output for headphones or to connect through your stereo.

In addition to BBC, CNN, and the other channels you mentioned, WorldSpace also have an excellent selection of specialist music channels, "from Rave to Ravel." One of my favourites is a new joint venture with the US satellite radio operation XM Radio, and is called WorldZone. It is an excellent World Music channel. Check the European channel selection here;


Nearly all of these channels are in the 'Home Team Radio/Brits Abroad.' package.

Details about purchasing the latest BPL set can be found here;


(Press the WorldSpace button on the header menu.)

The BPL set also has additional AM & FM bands, but it is a kitsch beatbox design. It does give a louder beatier sound though than the Hitachi and has two speakers, so gives out stereo directly.

One years subscription to Caroline is thrown in with the purchase. I believe this includes the 'Home Team Radio/Brits Abroad' stations, as we are part of that package. But double check with the dealer.

Sorry about the advert, but you did ask (and no we are not related!)


Mark D.

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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 16 years ago

See for yourself : www.worldspaceradios.co.uk