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Sattelte in an east facing appt.

Posted by gordygrk2-184034 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by gordygrk2-184034 - 16 years ago

Thanks to all for their help, especially TonyP, for the links and details.

Looks like the sat dish would have to project out from the balcony, which would be a no no from the authorities point of view. Will look into the options.

Thanks again



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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

While I've got my anorak on, I might as well expand on that.  To calculate the bearing of a satellite exactly, you have to take your position on the Earth into account. London has a longitude of 0 deg, so a star at 28 deg East would appear to be 28 deg to the left of due south. 

Satellites are relatively close by, so there is some error due to parallax.  A 28 deg East satellite actually appears to be 35 degrees east of south from London.  Nice is actually 7 deg west of Greenwich so you have to take that into account too.

This link will calculate the actual bearing of a geostationary satellite


Nice is 7 deg West, 43.7 deg North, so a 28.2 deg East satellite would appear at about 150.7 degrees from North, and 35.3 deg above the horizon.

South is 180 deg so 150.7 is 29.3 deg East.

In Nice the magnetic variation of a compass is almost zero, so the satellite would appear on a compass bearing of 150.7 degrees.  Compasses are affected by the metal in buildings, so it is easier to use the sun.

This link


calculates the suns position. Nice is 7 deg 15 min east 43 deg 42 min north and the time zone is 1 hour east, so the sun passes through 150.7 deg at 11:10 tomorrow.

If you are checking tha alignment of a dish, the shadow of the head should be on the vertical center line of the dish at that time. ( it should be a little above the exact center, since the Sun will appear underneath the satellite for the next couple of weeks.)

Heres another link with a nice animation of how it all works.


 Anorak off, sunglasses on.


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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

I guess if the satellite is at 28 deg east of south, you need a clear view in the 152 deg direction (180-28)

You dont need a compass! The sun passes through 152 deg at 11:15 this morning! so if you can see the sun at 11:15 you can receive the signal.

You could never use this method in the UK!


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Posted by uk guy-193521 - 16 years ago

hi been here over 4 yrs now give u a tip get a compass set it to 28 degrees walk round the apt and u we see witch way and where the dish will have to go [28]deg

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Posted by gordygrk2-184034 - 16 years ago

Thanks Secours

I'll maybe give it a go then, and hope for the best.



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Posted by secours-180503 - 16 years ago

Hi Gordon,

We are south facing with balcony on East and put our dish on Eastside.

Sky is on the East of the South,problems will be you were on the West.