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Secret to watching U.S. videos and DVDs??

Posted by gofrance - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by wkt54-196372 - 13 years ago

I can't play PAL dvds on my dvd rewriter on my computer.

Anyone know how I can alter the settings to get it?


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Posted by Micked - 13 years ago

I bought 2 USA DVD's players and all I had to do was buy a converter that changes 50MHz to 60MHz, or the other way round I forget which ones which, costs about 35€, if you have problems locating one go to Lyvios, near the English shop in Antibes.Mic

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Posted by SJ-190944 - 13 years ago

R.T.  you'll have to ask my hubbie.  He bought one at the electrical store on the road that runs past Carrefour, next to the newish kitchen shop.  As to what it's called in French, you've got me stumped for the moment (and hubbie will definitely NOT know the answer to that one!).

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Posted by Ron Geary - 13 years ago

I brought my US DVD's to France with me.  I purchased a DVD player here and the man at the electronics store, using only the remote control, changed the DVD player so it would play DVD's regardless of what area they came from.  You cannot however get a DVD in the US and convert it to play DVDs from other countries.  Anyhow from what I understand this change cannot be done with all brands of DVDs.  Don't know if I can state the brand here.  4 letters and started with the letter S.  No charge for the change and it took only a few minutes. 

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Posted by R-screenwriter - 13 years ago

I've used most of my U.S. equipment with just a simple plug-adapter.  Perhaps this is the reason that the hair clippers are louder than a jet flying overhead.

So to find a simple transformer.... will a "surge protector" multi outlet work just as well?

If not, where is a small transformer found?  Is there a french name for it?

(SJ.... now I need YOUR help!)


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Posted by cookies-201009 - 15 years ago

SJ of course, you're absolutely right. If there is a switch you don't need the tranfo; but I've only had a couple of items with that switch already on it. I was only trying to clarify for Kelby.Cookies

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Posted by SJ-190944 - 15 years ago

Cookies,  if the equipment has a switch to change the voltage, you shouldn't need a transformer.  Just think about travel hairdryers - you change the switch from one voltage to the other, simply use an adaptor plug and you're away.  The only difference is in this particular instance, you don't have the option of a low speed anymore.  I believe the function varies according to the type of equipment, ie how much power it uses, whether or not it heats up, etc.

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Posted by cookies-201009 - 15 years ago

Theresponsibleadult, don't you need the transformer for the voltage difference?I've never plugged my US equipment into the plug adapter and then plugged it directly into the wall without using a transformer.Kelby, you can get an adapter plug pack at any luggage store. It has all the plugs for the different systems, with an transformer.As for the DVD's and VHS's - yes, everyone is right, your equipment should be multi-zoned for the dvds and multi-standard for the vhs.Canalsat (I don't have TPS) does show a lot of (HBO) programs in VM (multilanguage version) as does Canal+ movies. CNN, BBC and many series from the US are also available.Six Feet Under, Everwood, the Sopranos, Friends are all here...although they are quite a bit behind the US. Blue Shield, NYPD, etc, etc What are you looking for specifically? It takes a bit of time before the US programs are sold overseas...and then they group it all together for a 2 month period and then you're out of luck for 18 months. Can be frustrating if you get really involved in something.Check out www.canalplus.fr or www.jimmy.fr to see the programs available here.A friend of mine here just orders the series (Sopranos for example) and have it all on DVD.

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Posted by theresponsibleadult-188195 - 15 years ago


They've got pretty much anything you might need.

Make sure that anything you buy either automatically detects the voltage and switches itself or that it has a manual switch from one to the other. That way all your stuff will work no matter where you end up.

Also keep in mind that even if the electronics are multi-regional and dual voltage they will be fitted with US style (two straight pin) plugs. Stock up on European style (two round pin) type plug adapters (not transformers) or you won't be able to stick them in the wall sockets when you get here.

I am American, have lived all over the world, dragged every type of electronics, household appliance and everything else you can think of with me. Email me directly if you have any questions you want to ask. I'm happy to help.

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Posted by tkw - 15 years ago

Nothing is easy when it comes to international standards.The easiest is to buy your stuff here and get a VCR that can read NTSC tapes (US standard) and a DVD that is called multiregion or codefree (so you can play region 1 dvds US as well as region 2 Europe)The part that gets tricky is if you want to bring electronics with you from the US. Here you have to think about not only the standards but also the 110V and 220V conversion.