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Singer Needed

Posted by Welshben - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Curlycat - 5 years ago

Hi guys,

my name is Catherine and I am a singer that loves writing lyrics. I work in Sophia(!!!) and would be available twice a week between 12 and 2pm if you want to play. I have had interesting and good experiences in bands but I just haven't found the right people to play good music with lately... So perhaps it would be your band? According to most people, I sort of sound like Alanis Morissette or Bjork. I like playing songs from a lot of different styles,  rock bands like Nickleback, more funcky adaptations of classics, and just generally making songs sound a little different or more personal than the way most people do them. Most of all I thrive on writing stuff with other people. 


So if you're not going to make me become a rock star... I guess that's ok, cause I've gotten over that! ;)


Anyway, if you want to call me: 06 24 36 48 06


looking forward to meeting you.


all the best,



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Posted by Welshben - 5 years ago

After a few near hits, we are still looking for a singer - there must be someone out there who wants to be a rock star* .... Just get in touch if you fancy a try!

(*note our rockstar hours are between 12pm and 2pm only and we almost certainly wont actually make you a star...)

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Posted by JustinJ-301470 - 5 years ago

Hi guys, This seems convenient!  I am a singer looking for a band.  I'm regarded as pretty Rock n Roll having fronted the house band at Waynes' Bar in Nice for over 10 years.

I write a bit and can find work playing covers and some originals pretty much anywhere on the CDA.

I'm ^resently working outside Menton so Sophia is a bit of a haul for me as I have just spent 2 years busking around Aus and NZ and am broke on my ar se!  Saying that I would be keen to hook up and see if we have a bit of chemistry then go from there!

Here is a bit of stuff of me and I have attached my set list.


If you w&ant some original stuff I would have to dig into my ' no one likes listening to themselves' folder on a hard drive buried in storage somewhere.

Ive got gear, P.A, Bass combo, mics cables etc even a guitar amp somewhere!

Give me a shout if your interested.

I have a place in the hills until the end of the month with a huge cellar and power if you fancy a rehearsal/ jam and a few beers.

Let me know.


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Posted by AJSwift - 5 years ago

Hey guys!

I am a singer/songwriter who has sung a few times in the Monaco area, I have recently moved there and am looking to join a band.  I have loads of experience performing, and if I'm honest am happy to sing most things.  You can check out my website and click on the links to have a listen, it's still just a holding page at the moment as is being redone: www.berrifarley.com

Email is berrifarley@gmail.com

Hopefully we can work together!!