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site to help choose an mp3 player

Posted by turtlebay2 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by midco88 - 15 years ago

I brought my mp3 player on the site www.thetechgeek.com. The Creative Labs Rhomba 256MB MP3 Player. The price is much cheaper in the retail store, and they shipped very fast. You can try this one.

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Posted by Squirrel-192434 - 15 years ago

Hi straxpleased you mentioned the zen extra, just checked out their web site and i'm impressed, cheaper than ipod too.How does it hook up to car player, is it with the old cassette thingy or is there a better method available?Cheers

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Posted by strax - 15 years ago



Just thought I'd mention that I recently bought the Creative labs Zen extra jukebox on ebay and think its a great MP3. Far easier to use than my ipod and it is 60Gb. Holds about 15,000 songs if you needed it to. I take it everywhere and download all my computer files onto it via USB ports. Its smaller than a walkman but holds more than my home desktop pc! A great investment and I use it as my main player at home by just plugging it into the hi-fi and even in the car for continuous music. God I sound like a sales rep (which I'm not) but it is such a good player you must check it out rather than go down the ipod route.




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Posted by cat83-194720 - 15 years ago


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Posted by Miss Varna - 15 years ago

Try www.ciao.co.uk (or just buy an ipod ;-)

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Posted by Paul Carmel-190537 - 15 years ago

You could try Which! mag online...I think you can have a short free trial period.