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size of sat. dish

Posted by susiepodd - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by meagherp - 16 years ago

recommend a 1.2 meter.  I have 85 cm dish, and it drops out a lot at night(centre Nice, but clear line of sight).   Also recommend read www.satcure.com .

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Posted by popstars-187492 - 16 years ago

Go for a 1 meter dish they are still cheap and you will get BBC and ITV in all but the worst storms.

Anything else will annoy you in rainy weather...



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Posted by ivanfox - 16 years ago

In addition to getting a bigger dish you could opt for a better "LNB".  This is the thingamajig on the end of the arm that extends from the dish.  It collects the signal that is bounced off the dish.  Dish and LNB are often sold together but you can buy LNBs alone (making sure that you buy a suitable one).  Why would you want to do this? Well, an LNB with a lower 'noise' rating can provide a cleaner signal which may help you to pick up those weaker signals.  Typical noise values for LNBs are now about 0.6db (decibels) but you can get LNBs with noise figures as low as 0.3db for about 35 Euros.

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Posted by Shanwick - 16 years ago

I have a 60cm dish but can't receive some of the weaker channels (inc BBC1, BBC2, ITV) either at night or with thick cloud cover.  Apparently an 80cm dish is much better and a 99cm dish is the largest you can use without planning permission.  Basically, the bigger the better.