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Sky Sat system stopped working

Posted by twoknees - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by olyp - 16 years ago


I have Sky Plus and recently I since a month or two I have had a similar problem. the box switches off ocmpletely or gets stuck on the channel it is switched on to. I now do the reset and it works again. the problem seems to happen more frequently / faster when the box is switched off - so I have left it on permanently.

Can this have to do with us geing outside / at the edge of the the footprint (I am near Cannes), or could there be something wrong with the box?


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Posted by twoknees - 16 years ago

I'm not sure if it is the same problem, but for anyone following this thread I've reproduced part of today's Satcure newsletter below:

>> * Panafix2D Filter for Panasonic Digibox

I finally discovered the problem with the Panasonic Sky Digibox models TU-DSB30, 31, 35. We can now supply a filter which is very easy to fit inside the Digibox. This is NOT suitable for any other make of Digibox. Panasonic owners will need the filter if for


You switch to ITV but you get "no satellite signal" or "technical fault" message BUT the programme comes on if you switch to another channel then back again OR it comes back on when you disconnect the LNB cable momentarily. May also affect BBC (101, 102), Bloomberg (504), News 24 and other programmes in the same way.

Note: if the programme NEVER comes on, even when the LNB cable is disconnected for a moment, then our filter WILL NOT HELP.

For those of you who have been waiting for your filter I can only apologise. I *thought* I'd found the cause of the problem a week ago but had no way of testing it so I sent out prototype filters and they didn't work. Today I got a Skyware LNB from the warehouse and fitted it to my dish. I was able to test A TU-DSB30 and a TU-DSB31 with two different LNBs and the Skyware showed up the fault. I was then able to dive in with test equipment, locate the cause and finally make a filter that worked reliably! The new version has three wires to solder.


I hope this is of some help.....

Regards, TwoKnees.

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 16 years ago

Hi, glad it worked. It seems that its common for some digi boxes to crash and the hard reboot sorts it out. I'd be more worried if the hard boot didn't sort that out.

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Posted by twoknees - 16 years ago

DavidL - many thanks for the help.  A hard reboot sorted the box no problem.  Is it a common occurrence to lose all channels like that or is my box not working too well?

David_F - yep, lost all channels and radio but could still get the schedule info ok.  Up an running now.

Thanks again.....


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Posted by David_F-180946 - 16 years ago

Can you get the FTA channels like Travel and Sky news?

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 16 years ago

When you turned the box off and on did you just use the button. You may try turning it off then unplugging it from the mains for a few mins and replugging it into the mains again. If not you could try a forced software reload by doing the same but holding down the backup button on the box (not the remote) when you re power it.