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speed dating in nice?

Posted by anonymous livinginnice - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by scottie-198194 - 15 years ago

Looking thru all t  Meetings postings:    MTDSL ! ~ Keith ~  30 plus  etc  there are sure a lot of lonely folk out there, thousands in fact.     Two choices ~ talk about it & nothing will change ~  Or do it.   The facts are many bottle out at the last moment, especially the  blokes<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


My advice ~ loosen up folks & just go at it with an open  positive mind.  The SD  thing is just like life in general ~ its what you make of it.  If you want to enjoy the evening then you will ~ If Not  . . . . . ! !

Sadly  If you are worried about spending a few €’s ~ well that says it all ~ keep your stash & stay lonely !


I know of some couples who have become firm  ‘items’, others have become  good  friends.

 SD  will not produce Mr / Ms  Right ~ they already are Right & this  just gives them a chance to gell.

Don’t expect SD  to correct character flaws.


Personally I had a fine enjoyable  time and  met a one off person ~  we have had some great times since.


As a  minimum be prepared to have a nice evening,  meet some nice folks &  perhaps ‘The One’


Good Luck  &  Enjoy  Life

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Posted by Collie21 - 15 years ago

well there you go, one year late I find out there were a bunch of single 30 somethings looking for dates. I live in nice and am 30 something, up for a laugh, and don't see why I should have to pay to meet people, when I can just invite them all for a coffee here. So if anyone is interested and I mean just coffee, just making contact, and having a laugh then do get in touch. Collie (Male)anyone for a pint???

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Posted by coolas - 16 years ago


Hello, sorry, just noticed your post today!

I don't know when there is another singles gathering - practically all of my friends are married, so I'm not sure I can provide you with too many single women to choose from, but.... (if you twist my arm, I'll try!!)

TheResponsibleAdult has a group up and running, but it's not a singles thing (though some of us are!) and I know that there has just been a thread on single 30s people getting together, so that could be worth trying.

But as a guy - tell us - what's your dating experience been down in these parts?


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Posted by pamcneill - 16 years ago

It seems to me that whoever said that these people were not interested in having people in their mid-40s going to events had not looked properly at the site. There seem to be events for all ages.Having said that, she is right about having a limited age range for each event. I look and feel much younger than I am, and am not interested in going out with older men. There is no reason why people should be limited to a certain age group, because everyone is different and it is wrong to categorise them.I am still going to give it a try ...PMcNPMcN

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Posted by stuartr - 16 years ago

Hi Coolas,

I have read the speed dating stories with interest...

I am a single 30 something guy and have just logged onto this website for the first time. I didnt realise it was so difficult for women to meet men down here.

If you are having a single womens gathering then I will have to try and find some single friends who are willing to come along and meet up.

E-mail me and let me know, but not all my friends are over thirty though.


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Posted by annieq - 16 years ago

clara201-I attended the first sp06 event in Nice this week and had a great time! It was a good turnout (of people i've never met before!) and I even had a few good 'matches' --am making plans to meet up with a number of them in groups and maybe a 'date' or two. This is the second event of this type i've gone to here and I find it's a really good way to meet English-speaking people from all over the world now living here. Whether or not you meet 'the one' (or the one for right now) you can make new friends of both sexes. Lots of folks mingled freely at the end of the evening, having a laugh. I'm looking forward to the next event. I would recommend it---if you go with a 'what the heck' attitude, you'll have alot of fun.

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Posted by Clara201 - 16 years ago

....and - how did the first speed dating go? Would be curious to know. Also - interesting to read that one can find single men at beaches -- but where should one go during the Winter months? Any ideas?

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Posted by anonymous livinginnice - 16 years ago

Hi Amy,

Just to let you know that speeddating06 / www.sd06.com planned the first meeting 17th dec at La Havane in Nice. Are you attending?

By the way did you see their site, it's really improved a lot. WOW. And did you here them on Riviera Radio!


You can subscribe also. I saw that you have to be at least 20.....

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Posted by Pumuckel - 16 years ago

...increasing the age bracket to 35-45 might help?

Just a thought.



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Posted by anonymous livinginnice - 16 years ago

Do you know any singles who have there birthday soon? I read on www.sd06.com that you can offer them a speeddate as a (birthday-) present. Wicked idea! It works like a gift voucher.

I am still waiting for the next speeddate so everybody: subscribe yourself or subscribe somebody else so that the next speeddate can be held soon....