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Strange for a single woman

Posted by suzyq-188994 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by The_Other_Club - 16 years ago

Hello SuzyQ,

I know what it is to land in a foreign country. I'm a Frenchman and I've traveled extensively in the UK & US. One of my interest is the cultural misunderstanding between the French and the Anglo-Saxons. Here I'm paid to introduce Americans and Brits to the French way of life. I've found that I've got the best results with golf - that is I put the newcomer in a bilingual, friendly environment. In a matter of months, he/she improves his/her swing AND enlarge his/her social circles.

Good luck to you,

The Other Club

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Posted by sanjangala - 16 years ago

woops - i was logged in on a friend's PC - my AngloInfo contact is sanjangala...   I'm female.

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 16 years ago

hi susy im here(in the var since jan. 2002) and open but it is like it is...diffrent then the outside is looking ( everything is so buitifull here)well...lets stay  with open hearts and then a portion of trust im although looking for a friend to meet lets break the patterns!!!my email:  sanjangala@gmx.de   let love rule

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Posted by franny1000 - 16 years ago

chère suzy

il est évident que tu pourras te faire des amies plus facilement en parlant le français, car la langue malgré tout est un sacré barrage!

ceci dit, c'est avec grand plaisir que je deviendrais ton amie!

ps: je parle un peu anglais




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Posted by C J Flynn - 16 years ago

Hi; in this regard, the Cote d'Azur reminds me of Los Angeles. Even though we are all in a relatively small territory and supposedly in a relaxed part of the world, everyone and everything is really quite spread out, and everyone's days are full. I have worked with people in LA who came from Boston and New York and San Francisco who had the same type of complaint about LA...it seems to come from the lack of a center of town where everyone can fall out of the office and get together easily before heading home.I tried to coordinate 'hang' time with friends in LA, and all wanted to get together, but because we were all separated by traffic time and late phone calls and meetings, out of town conventions, and and and, we were rarely able to get 3 or 4 people together...though everyone said "Tuesday doesn't seem to work for me. Let's try wednesday instead." But it was always the same. Lot of work - though good Irish beer made up for it.Well, fortunately, I don't like people, so not getting together is a blessing. But good luck to the rest of you.C J Flynn

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Posted by leslie-179832 - 16 years ago

I had a very very good friend here who was from Paris. She and her husband owned a great shop in the old town in antibes. When I moved here I went into her shop and we got talking. She had lived in California for a few years previously so her english was good, and my French at the time was non existent. ( 3 years ago). anyway, we became great friends. A year later she and her husband closed the store and moved back to Paris. She was horribly depressed because she could find no one French to be friends with. they treated her badly here and she was disgusted. I miss her a lot!!!



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Posted by nodel-185297 - 16 years ago



I'm French from Paris as well and live here since 2000. I can confirm what the_pianist wrote. This French Riviera area is a bit getting on my nerves and I regret Paris sometimes, life was so cool there though the weather was not as good as here.

I saw a report last time on TV about the French tourists not coming that much to visit the South East of France and they were saying they were treated rudely so this is not contempt for the foreigners only!

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Posted by szozu - 16 years ago

I found the same problem in Spain, particularly in the South. It seems that people form their real friendships when they are still in school, consequently, all my friends were either expats or Spanish people who were originally from a different part of Spain, and who confessed to having the same problem!


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Posted by the_pianist - 16 years ago

Hi everybody,

I'm french, born in Nice, and live in Cannes. What I can say is that it it the problem of these area of france. Very difficult to make friends, even for french people.

Many people come here from Paris, and go back after several year, because they don't find friends. In fact, it seems that if you find some, it's often people comming from other towns.

French riviera is very strange....


Steve, Cannes

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Posted by Lorelei-182614 - 16 years ago

Hi Leslie,


I am french and can relate to what you say completly included the type of people you tend to have more affinities with (well travelled, cultured etc.)

I am from Paris and moved here recently. I have also lived in the US.

Although what Trevor said is sometimes on my mind as well: "

A lot of people have made friends before, lots of times and got frustrated when those new friends went home the very next week! Thats the problem see, you invest a lot of time and effort in making a new friend only to find them scooting off back to where they travelled from never to be seen or heard of again."

Let's get together for a drink!

My mobile is 06 80 60 45 31