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The gathering of 30+ singles

Posted by irisheyes-192152 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by ab-fab-246946 - 11 years ago

Location: Monaco

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Posted by zx9rjason - 11 years ago


I have just moved to Cannes from the London and would love to catch up with some local folk for a glass of vino and a chat!

Are there any events coming up or does anyone fancy getting a few people together for a beach picnic or whatever?

Be great to hear from some of you!

Jason :)

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Posted by Socialite - 11 years ago

Why not join The Riviera Social Group

A meeting of new friends and great social times

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Posted by capello72 - 11 years ago

Hi All , please keep me posted if there something interesting ....capello72@hotmail.com

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Posted by AnneRemy-262558 - 11 years ago

Hi Everyone,

you might be interested in the Supper Club, it is a community of foodies and people in the South of France who organize cook-offs and private dinner parties. The members organize the cook-offs in their houses - there is an ID check on every member to ensure safety and trust people in your home, as the concept is about mucking in the kitchen or sit for dinner with complete strangers for fun encounters.

There is no joining fee and the club is NON-PROFIT, money is involved only to pay a small participation to cover the food and wine cost for a dinner party so that the host doesn't pay for everything.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a great cook, the idea is to share great moments of conviviality, regardless of the size of your place or your cooking skills as well - some cook-offs take place in student's tiny studio on a string budget, and some in 5 bedrooms mansions of CEOs - hence the ID check.

If you enjoy food, good spirit and good conversation and meet people from all over the place in a natural context, you will adore the Supper Club; check it out on http://supperclub-riviera.ning.com/ to register and apply for membership.


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Posted by hannahlucywright - 11 years ago


If anyone is interested, I have organised a Beetle Drive night on the 24th June in Cannes. Its a fab game which requires pen paper, dice and a fun attitude. (I have played it for years when my large family get together so it is nothing sinister or embarrassing!)

There will be mainly single people attending but this is not intentional and couples are welcomed too!

The bar has yet to be confirmed but it will be from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. So if anyone is interested in coming along and meeting new people, you are definitely very welcome!

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Posted by Push77 - 11 years ago

Okay. I feel that this is going to be postponed then. What about a Saturday two or three weeks? I'm around. CU then.

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Posted by HelloMotto - 11 years ago

Hi All... ok seems there's not that much interest for Saturday... maybe we can try in a couple of weeks to gather a few more of us?????

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Posted by HelloMotto - 11 years ago


OK let's wait until friday to see how many people fancy meeting up, then decide, yeah.... if not enough interest then we can always move this saturday to another one.

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Posted by Mx-200739 - 11 years ago

I'm in! Just arrived back to the riviera, and would like to meet new people.