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The Rock of The Riviera

Posted by Jack Kelly - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Mark Dezzani - 17 years ago

Hi Stgeorge, since The Rock Of The Rivera and Radio Caroline/Caroline South have a symbiotc relationship, I'll give you the whole rundown!

The Rock Of The Riviera studios are in the centre of Ventimiglia together with Radio International. The 88.4 FM transmitter is situated on Monte Bignone some 1,280m above San Remo. It's licensed maximum output is 2kW into a directional antennae system giving an ERP (Effective Radiated Power) of around 40 kW. It is currently running at somewhat less than this, so there is more juice to come!

Radio Caroline South programmes are recorded in our studios in Seborga, Itay and sent to Radio Caroline's studios in Maidstone, Kent, UK from where they are sent via ISDN line to World Radio Network in London where they are sent via landline to the BT Tower for uplinking to the Hotbird 13° East satellite, Sky Digital Satellite and Worldspace Afristar satellite and Internet feeds. The Rock Of The Riviera receives Radio Caroline/Caroline South programmes from the Hotbird 13° satellite and sends them via two microwave links to Monte Bignone to be retransmitted on 88.4 FM.

Hope that helps! Cheers, Mark D.



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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 17 years ago

Where are you broadcasting from ( or is it a secret ? )



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Posted by Mark Dezzani - 17 years ago

Hi Canteloupe, with a name like that I should have known that you are on top of your music! Thanks for the info on Frank Black & The Pixies. Will try and get hold of some from Tom Anderson for airplay very soon. Love the Butthole Surfers, will play you Pepper on next Saturday night's Caroline Party. What other Butthole tracks/albums could you recommend? Will also give Patti's Frederick a spin on Sunday night. Please keep the musical ideas coming, it really helps to create the shows. BTW: Anyone fancy themselves as a Caroline South DJ, get in touch, we need an extra soul on-air from this end. Cheers, Mark D.

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Posted by Canteloupe - 17 years ago

Mark D,

The Pixies, 80s indie/rock band. American. Best/first album Surfer Rosa. Was described as grown-up rock at the time.

Band split and became Frank Black solo artist and former lead singer. The gals went on to become The Breeders. Also good.

Someone mentioned Patti Smith, but did they mention the track 'Frederick'?

Anyone else out there like the Butthole Surfers? Black?


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Posted by rogerv - 17 years ago

Hi Jack, here are another 5 favourites. Curious as to how many of these will already be in your playlist...

Pat Benetar   Heartbreaker

Procul Harem   Grand Hotel

Billy Joel   Captain Jack

Led Zeppelin   No Quarter

Manfred Mann's Earth Band   Davy's On The Road Again

The signal is much louder this morning (Sunday.) Keep it up! Even the wife is enjoying it, as there is not too much headbanging stuff!

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Posted by Jack Kelly - 17 years ago


Thank you for the 'qsl' (reception report) as well as your Top 5. And...

Congrats! You are the first person to submit 5 tunes that are already in the Master Playlist of The Rock Of The Riviera! So, when you have 5 more - please pass along.


PS. Thanks to your lady for listening to The Rock's older and more conservative sister.

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Posted by rogerv - 17 years ago

Hi Jack, just had a busy driving afternoon around Antibes / Vallauris made much more pleasant by the likes of Jimi, Janis and Bob. Reception pretty good. The only problem I can foresee is the wife wanting to listen to Radio International and me wanting The Rock Of The Riviera. Keep up the good music.

My top 5...

Led Zeppelin  Trampled Underfoot

Pink Floyd  High Hopes

Dire Straits  Telegraph Road

Chicago  25 or 6 To 4

Jackson Browne  The Load Out / Stay


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Posted by mikem-181687 - 17 years ago

Hi Jack, to respond to your questions, I'm in Theoule and the reception's ok, little crackly.

Thanks for the music, livens up the office no end!


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Posted by Mark Dezzani - 17 years ago

 quote:Mike wrote: I think there's is a semantic distinction between "classic rock" and a "classic rock song".

Can't argue with that Mike. Semantics win again. The more of those lesser known classic rock songs that you can dig out, the better! The Rock has just kicked off again (8am Thursday) with The Stones 'Wild Horses.'

quote:MikeM wrote: quote:mikemquote:I'd like to hear any of the following:quote:Rush, Boston, Tom Petty, Black Sabbath or even a little Jethro Tull!

Jack, how about Rush's 'Spirit Of Radio' and on a subliminal connection, how about Randy California's band Spirit. BTW MikeM, Tom Petty's bassist Howie Epstein died last Sunday night at the age of 47, apparently connected with his Heroin addiction, for which he was dropped from the band last year.

quote:brian fquote:any acid garage sub rockquote:

Hi Brian, can you name some artists, tracks? Are you talking about the late 60s/early 70s stuff or the 90s/contemporary dance sub genre stuff?

quote:Canteloupequote:How about the Fall's Cruiser's Creek? Victoria?quote:Mr K, did anyone mention the Pixies yet?

Thanks for The Fall tracks. This is the second time the Pixies have been mentioned. Have heard of them, but please enlighten me further. I think Tom Anderson plays them from time to time.

Finally, a further note about Golden eras of radio down here. I think it fair to acknowledge that RR have had their moments. I think the last one was the end of last year when the music was getting hot and the presentation was upbeat. We were hearing local bands getting exposure in the early evenings and I was hearing the station being played all along the coast, with a lot of French listeners tuning in for the music. Then inexplicably morale seemed to collapse over Christmas, although recent developments referred to in earlier posts in this thread might explain why.

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Posted by Jack Kelly - 17 years ago

...a little Jethro Tull.

Hello MikeM. We only have the grown-up Jethro but we'll toss him in along with the other guys.

Got a sec for two questions?

1. How's the reception in your area?

2. What IS your area?



Jack Kelly