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VOD (video on demand) and Lovefilm

Posted by earlgrey-216687 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by lenio-282703 - 6 years ago

Agree with Christopher, the best pricing solution is to use iTunes US, but you do need a valid US address and credit/debit card. You can download movies and series directly to your iPhone and iPad and then buy a simple cable from FNAC that connects your device to the TV.

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 6 years ago

You can get Apple's offers in France totally legally despite them not being marketed in France. The trick is to have a legitimate payment card registered in USA or UK. Create your iTunes account with that card as billing method. Then you have a huge range of anglo media available to you and it plays just fine from an Apple TV that you can buy at Apple in Cap 3000.

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Posted by earlgrey-216687 - 6 years ago

Checked out the apple TV box and it offers Netflix, great, but not yet available in France!

Is there an equivalent offering (Apple or otherwise) for France?

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Posted by earlgrey-216687 - 6 years ago

Hi Ras and Chris, and thanks for ideas

If I connect PC (new 2010) to TV for audio/video, will TV then simply replicate image on PC screen? They are in different rooms but there is a cable run available +/- 6m length. Mouse and keyboard I understand, so if I set up a movie from the PC I can then nip downstairs get comfy and watch?

Where does picture quality fit in all this?

Apple TV box adds what? Does apple offer VOD? Technically where does it connect?

Thanks again Patrick

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 6 years ago

Mostly agree with Ras. However to get your PC/MAC connected to your TV, buy yourself an Apple TV box. Straightrorward HDMI connection and will connect Mac or PC iTunes clients to the TV from anywhere in the house. Also can subscribe to iTunes, YouTube and soon many more VoD services all by itself. Lovely little box.

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Posted by Ras-214972 - 6 years ago

It all depends. This technology is changing on a daily basis, the systems available, what services are offered etc.
Orange do a streaming TV service from their Livebox. You need an adaptor to your TV. But you can only watch what Orange provide, you don't get access to other services. So anything from UK or USA is not likely.
New types of Smart TVs/ Blueray players / Games consoles / Apple TV etc might, or might not, have a feature to watch the particular service you want. And they might get updated to have the feature in the future. Or they might not.
A PC/Mac, will in general, mean you can technically subscribe and watch anything on the open internet. But you need to connect your computer to your TV - often not very convenient. You'd need a wireless keyboard/mouse.
And, in all cases, there are likely to be problems using services in France that are only available in the UK, for example. Workarounds exist but they are not legal and don't work very well for high bandwidth streaming.
Overall I'd suggest using a PC/Mac connected to the TV. All other systems have comprises one way or another. Your computer should be less than 3 years old ideally. Older ones may struggle with the video. The miniature netbook type computers often have problems, in some cases they work but there's no hard rule.