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What size dish for Sky TV?

Posted by SirLurkalot - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by laya - 14 years ago

I just changed the 60cm dish I was having for a 80cm fiber one, I was told it was the best, and I should not have any more problem...yet the problem with ITV3 is not solved ...a lot of cutting... is the problem with alignment, should I get a 100cm dish or changed the LNB ??

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Posted by gplux-198648 - 14 years ago

I have an 80cm dish (near Ste Maxime) It works fine BBC 1, 2, 3, and 4 etc. I use a tuner bought in France, Casto I think for €49.  Remember you have to be spot on with a digital signal to get the best results. The signal breaking up may be because you are off just a fraction. Pro installers have a signal meter but any amature with a bit of time and luck can get it to work well.gplux

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Posted by rosetta-185721 - 14 years ago

So a 1 metre dish should be OK without a double LNB? It's actually breaking up quite badly - even in the mornings on some channels. Is there some way to tell if it's misaligned by looking at readings/settings on the box?

thannks, Ro

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Posted by mamas-200107 - 14 years ago

 I have 1 m dish it works so well the installation was made by a French guy Patrick 0612154147 from Juan  with the dish was less then anybody else in cote d'usurmamas

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Posted by rosetta-185721 - 14 years ago

Hmm, just got a 1m dish a couple of weeks ago and still got problems with ITV, E4, BBC2 breaking up at night. Maybe other channels, but those are the ones I watch. My installer is telling me I need a double head NLB (or something :-)). I suspect I just need the dish properly aligned. Can anyone comment or shed light ?

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Posted by mike-179830 - 14 years ago

You can pick up all the free to air (FTA) broadcasting on the relevant Astra satellite, includeing BBC, CBBC and ITV3. For a full list of channels available unencrypted see here:


You don't need a digibox. Any digital satellite receiver as supplied by your local hardware store (e.g. Castorama) will work, will be cheaper, and will have a warranty that means something as the supplier is right near you.

Some argue that a 60cm dish works fine (although it will probably be climate-sensitive). An 80cm dish is considered standard and a 1m dish, while it may be overkill, will work like a dream.


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Posted by Anglaise-203382 - 14 years ago

Can you receive all BBC channels including BBC1 and CBBC and CBeebies with a large dish and a SKY digibox on the Côte d'Azur, as you can in the Vaucluse? Is it also possible to get ITV channels which seem to have been lost in the Luberon about 18 months ago sue to the changes?

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 14 years ago

Scotsgirl - Signal hasn't chaged AFAIK. 60cm is on the edge - upgrade to an 80cm if poss or get the alignment checked on your existing dish (possibly needs a slight nudge).

Oodster - any universal LNB (commonly available in France) will do. This presumes that the dish you get has the standard mounting point (40mm I think)

***Google is our friend. ***

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Posted by mrchung - 15 years ago

I have a 135cm dish available if anyone is interested. Previously used to pick up Sky in southern Spain. Please email me for more information.


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Posted by scotsgirl-194444 - 15 years ago

I've got a 60cm dish and am losing lots of bbc/itv channels lately, or they break up at night. Did the signal change in the last few months to cause these problems - I used to only have this problem in thunderstorms. Wondering if I need a bigger dish.