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Where is there good house music?

Posted by Charliebear-194435 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Rave-190379 - 16 years ago

La gaffe will have a house DJ in the summer (starting 1st June) if you are interested.

If you like funky and progressive house you should check it out. 


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Posted by Spidey-189686 - 16 years ago

The Cote D`azur does not really have a lot to offer in terms of house music venues and it is very rare to see any named DJ`s apart from at certain events over the summer but they will be few andfar between. Last year there was 2manyDJ`s and Mr Scruff for example at the Pantiero event in Cannes.

In terms of music, the best place I have come across is the St charles in Juan les pins but it is only really a bar. If you want to dance then maybe Le Loft in Cannes but the music is fairly varied.

Good luck and please post on here if you find anywhere else, always up for a decent night out



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Posted by Aroncb - 16 years ago

Try Saint Charles in Juan Les Pins.  Or even at a push the Village.  Although the village DJ's just dont mix like they do in blighty.


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Posted by brocki - 16 years ago

thanks, I heard the Golden Gate in Antibes is good too...

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Posted by Zeynep-183200 - 16 years ago

Your best bet is "Le Club" in Nice. It's a "gay club" but the rest of us are also welcome. http://www.leklub.net/

Aside from that, there are a couple of after-hour clubs in Cannes, but the music is never really consistent in any style - you go from house to breakbeat to hip-hop, which can be painful at about 6AM :-)

I also heard there is a new bar/club in Marina Baie des Anges, which you might like to try.