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Where to buy a shortwave radio?

Posted by szozu - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Taniwha - 16 years ago

I would get a digital satellite one. The reception is so much better. They cost about 120E. I saw them for sale recently in the Compass nautical catalogue - tel 03 9040 3166. As it is a French company they haven't yet heard of online selling so you have to ring them and send a fax. Alternatively if you speak German you could look at www.svb.de - they sell everything online connected to boats at best prices, and with superb service. They should have SW radios on their site somewhere.

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Posted by nodel-185297 - 16 years ago

You can still listen to these radio on the web, here is the website you should check out:


Voice of Russia for instance: http://www.vor.ru/

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

Sony are probably the leaders in compact easy to use SW radio receivers for general use such as you mention,  listening to powerful international stations on the usual SW bands.

Their ICF range starts at around £50 in UK and the receivers are light and powerful with adequate performance and features for the use that you mention.  Prices go up depending on the level of sophistication you require,  but unless you go for the hobby of SW listening (DXing) and want to be able to pull in Radio Bangui or Port Moresby, listen to Time Signal stations, shipping and weather stations, and so on,  you don't need to go to that level.

You will find a number of general portable radios which include SW but if you are serious about listening to SW they are not really suitable as they do not have adequate bandspread, (ie all the stations are very close together, so hard to tune to,  and interfere with each other) and they tend to drift off frequency which is annoying when you are listening to Radio Japan and you suddenly get All India Radio splashing over the signal.

There are other manufacturers who specialise in SW communications receivers but you do not need to go that level of expense and sophistication unless you are a real enthusiast. (I used to be but I threw my anorak away many years ago!)

You will find details of Sony's SW receivers at the link I've pasted below.  I am not saying theirs are the best but they are easily available (probably not here though) and comrehensive.

Email me if you need any further help.