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why does this song make you cry?

Posted by Europe - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by La Loup-190428 - 15 years ago

Just wanted to say that I agree with most here, in that the morning show with Rob and Pete is great.  The music is getting more up to date.  I dont listen to it all day, just in the mornings in the car and I enjoy the chat and have a laugh and it gives me an overall good feeling like comfort food! If they do read these pages, and why shouldnt they!! then I just want to say keep up the good work Rob and Pete, you have quite a few fans here. 

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Posted by fidav - 15 years ago

I think RR has made great improvements recently - their playlist has vastly improved - more variety, more modern; and so have their ads which I used to find very bland and annoying.

So well done.... BUT one complaint!

I can't bear the supposedly 'funny' comments e.g 'Get the most from Riviera Radio, ask them to pay you for something!' (or something like that) and the rest of them along the same vein - with the American guy's voice (not being rude about him, it's just his that they use him to make these, to me, inane comments!)Can't think off hand of any more at the moment as I have been trying to listen to French stations recently to improve my French!

But if they would just lose those 'comments' (they're NOT funny), I think it would be a good station all round!


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Posted by simonwynne - 15 years ago

I rather did over express myself on a previous posting about RR...ooppss...apologies....

I have been here on the CDA for 4 years and I really enjoy music from the 70s 80s 90s and Motown, stax and Soul...and have a valued collection of about 800 cds...and mainly to listen on my own system [ dts for films]....but not on repitition.

I wonder if anyone at the station reads our postings, obviously not on the air, perhaps a special section on AI that would need some kind of permissions and link to them, indeed the quality in the mornings has improved and I would asume in line with change and listening radio requiremnts, just a thought....

for the moment we listen to cherie....


Simon Templer

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Posted by apsona-182034 - 15 years ago

The only time I enjoy listening to RR is in the mornings.

However we are very lucky to have an english language radio station here, quite unbelievable really and they do a good job on what must be a very limited budget. Playlist could be more to my taste but they did also play the new U2 song last week which was the first time that i had heard it anywhere ......

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Posted by Europe - 15 years ago

Yeah this thread wasn't about the station or playlist- sorry I was being unclear- it's about the 'our song' slot on Tues and Thurs mornings- 11.15am. I thought it was a bad idea when a UK station did it circa 1980 and I think it remains a bad idea now. I *personally* don't want to hear an e-mail being read out re-telling someone's experience of an abortion ten years ago (the 'our song' topic last Thursday) sorry, so far they haven't been touching anecdotes with happy endings, they've been plain grim. Plus, if someone wrote in with an "our song" not normally on the RR playlist, I suspect it probably wouldn't get played.

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Posted by ordrey - 15 years ago

I've always liked it anyway.Come on if there are bits you dont like then dont listen.They have been playing some newer music recently too.New REM and Paul Weller to mention just two

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Posted by yeayea - 15 years ago

They do cheer me up in the mornings though !

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Posted by yeayea - 15 years ago

How about the ....."Do YOU have a song that brings back memories?" one !

And eh, by the way, does anybody know if there is an unwriten rule about HAVING to predominantly play 80's tunes ??????

Or is it just MY selected hearing ?

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Posted by PhilP-192608 - 15 years ago

Well RR is trying...it is much improved these days, they have listened well to the listeners.

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 15 years ago

oh boy, don't get me started! Much better now but Spandau Ballet's True still brings me to tears every day.