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Will my TV work

Posted by IanDm-185372 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Pilier1 - 15 years ago

The manufacturer doesn't really matter.  The main concern is the encoding standard the TV operates under - i.e. the UK standard is I, France is E/L, Germany is B/G.  The TV will havae that compatibility written somewhere in the instruction manual or on the packing it comes.  If you don't have the correct compatibility you won't see anything.   PAL/SECAM/NTSC/MESECAM are all colour standards and to be able to cross frontiers you would also need to have the compatible colour standard too.  If you don't have the correct colour standard then you'll get b&w images not colour, however unlike the encooding standards, the colour standards are generally clearly marked and 'understood' by the sales people.  You can buy multifunctional TV's working on multi encoding standards and colour standards you just need to look and ask the right questions.



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Posted by gfx2-191525 - 15 years ago

When you've got yourself installed with sky in Sophia, pop on down to carrefour or darty and buy a french Video recorder. This (via a scart connector to your TV) will allow almost all UK TV's to watch French TV - if needed. I purchased a 6 head SAMSUNG video for 90euros new and it's a multi format PAL/SECAM/NTSC viedeo. Works a treat.


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Posted by Linda Caird-193057 - 15 years ago

If we Have a french TV Bang & Olufsen will it work in UK

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Posted by Pilier1 - 17 years ago

Hi, you can easily pick upa multifunction TV at FNAC or Carrefour or the like if you want you just have to look out that it is compatible with the transmissions (note the transmission or emission standard, not the PAL or SECAM colour standard).

The Sky digibox will work without the phone line but you will have been contracted to allow them to connect to your phone line for the first twelve months i.e. the initial twelve month contract with Sky.

If you disconnect the phone line, it still works for all the channels you've subscribed to but occassionally throws up a message saying your phone line is disconnected.

To be able to keep paying Sky and receiving the new card every so often, you'll need a bank account and an address in the UK.  I've generally asked one my relatives in the UK to take care of the address part in the past and that's always worked out fine.

Good luck


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Posted by Old Brit - 17 years ago

For goodness sake DON'T tell Sky or they turn your card off. Don't let them know you moved out of the UK. Keep a UK residence if you want to continue to use Sky. Your SKY+ box might not work without a phone connection (I'm not sure). It can't be connected to a phone outside the UK without a special "redialler" box.

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 17 years ago

I think if you inform sky that you're moving out of the UK they'll just turn your card off.

I'd suggest buying another dish down here as they arn't expensive and will save you a bit of space whilst moving. Most of the large supermarkets do a dish and universal LNB for around 60 euros. You'll want a 60cm - 80cm dish down here. (as you have sky+ you need a twin or quad output LNB so you may need to pick one up in the UK - I don't know how available they are down here tho shouldn't be a prob.)


Plenty of sat installers down here and listed on the website or you can DIY as it isn't the most difficult thing in the world to do).



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Posted by IanDm-185372 - 17 years ago

Thanks for the info. I thought I would have one. TV with my digital satellite and a french purchased TV for French channels.

So do I just bring my box and card over, do I need to inform SKY? Do I need the dish or can I purchase one in France? Is it easy to get an installer?


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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 17 years ago

quote:Will my TV work?

Highly unlikely that it will be any good for French SECAM unless you bought a super multi-standard model (unusual in mono-standard UK)

quote:I have also got a sky plus box, can I take it with me?

Yes. It will feed SKY satellite transmissions to your UK TV in PAL format OK (which may be all you really want).


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Posted by gareth-182148 - 17 years ago

Welcome to France. Your tv will work with sky down here although you won't be able to receive French channels/transmission of TF1 etc, as French televisions work on a different system.Gareth