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Activities in English for kids fluent in English

Posted by NicoZ-876044 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

in my long term experience it s not english speaking groups that will help keep you kids english up to level, it s reading & writing-the oral side doesnt seem to disappear even if the kids go to all french speaking schools & live in a solidly french speaking environment

Reading and school holiday activity type books are a better investment (but then of course you have to participate too)

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Posted by Aagje-308011 - 5 years ago

I've also been looking to find some activities for my daughter (also 6 and fluent in English, not so much in French) and I'm afraid there isn't much, at least in Nice. We tried the English Club at the Kids Club but I can't recommend, the teachers speak English but the children don't (French kids who come to learn to speak English), activities like yoga were nice but English lessons much too easy.

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Posted by AnglaisEnFrance - 5 years ago

Hi there!

Is she interested in drama dance and music?

A8 exit Antibes Sophia there is a theatre group Performing Arts .. my daughter goes and loves it. I think your daughter is too young for the Tuesday group but in May they are having 5 workshops on saturday mornings for younger kids .. they are working on Shakespreare's The Tempest and my daughter came out last night singing her heart out!  http://performingarts.fr/

I saw at the rehearsal venue  (KidooLand) they are hoping to start a bilingual group in the Antibes area maybe check with them for more info? http://www.kidooland.com/


Good luck!