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Baby talk

Posted by Froggie-198365 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by poochie-197749 - 12 years ago

Just found this post, it's great to read all this info about becoming a mum! Thanks!!

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Posted by Daisydoll-202178 - 13 years ago

Wonderful to read all of these comments!  I will be expecting my baby in December and wondered if any of you had ever come across any antenatal classes in English in the area? 

Thanks for the info!


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Posted by tanyamoose2000 - 13 years ago

Nice reading all these comments but I didn't read anything about pregnancy or how to bring up children. I didn't wan't to read things like " you will start feeling tired in the mornings and will notice your feet beginning to swell" etc. I felt and looked great all the way through and didn't want a book dampening my spirits!

I suggest therefore that you do as you feel. I let mine experiment with all sorts of things and avoided saying - " take care! "  too often . She was up wlking at 9 mths and potty trained by 15mths. I feel books don't take into consideration individual presonalities and capacities of little ones.

In France you have monthly check ups with the doctor before and after the birth so you can ask any pressing questions then.

Don't worry about doing things the "right"way and I'm sure things will work out fine on their own.

Good luck : 0 )

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Posted by kecia-202964 - 13 years ago


Hopefully everthing's gone well and you'll be getting close to delivery...

I have a ten  month old boy, born when I was 38 years old, very unexpected but it's been great fun. Lots of work and very little sleep, but great fun.  A couple of things: breatsfeeding is quite difficult for the first three or four weeks, but it does get easier, and the upsides are not only that it's great for the baby, it's also cheap (formula milk is tres cher) and the weight just drops off you. I'm much slimmer now than I was before. Poor kid will be breatsfed till he's eighteen at this rate, I don't want to give it up!  Nipple protector caps saved me on the difficult nights, it eases the pain on the worst days for those first weeks, and after a while I didn't need them any more.  

When I started giving my child solid food at 6 months, I made up big batches of pureed vegetables and fruit and then froze it in ice cube trays. It allows you to mix and match what you give the baby and you only have to cook occasionally. Now that he's bigger I use cup cake moulds instead. I freeze batches of rice, pasta, cheese sauce etc. as well as fruit & veg.

I hope it all goes well for you. 



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Posted by Montana99 - 13 years ago

Although my own is already 13 (!) the advice above is great.  The what to expect books are great; there is also one in French "j'élève mon enfant" which gives a great amount of information about symptoms and sicknesses (that's how I realized my son was having an earache the first time at 4 am!).

As for breastfeeding - great idea and do NOT allow anyone to discourage you (that happened to me).  It's wonderful and very convenient as someone had already mentioned.

Always carry a 2nd change of clothes with you.  If the baby has a favorite toy or blanket - then go get an identical one.  you'll be able to wash one and he'll/she'll still have the "original" one and not cry about it being gone.

At birth and I found this to be wonderful advice - let the baby has his own room; you'll avoid trauma later on if you need to move him/her from your room to his own.

Keep the bedroom door opened so the baby learns to sleep with noise; you don't want to have to be utterly quite at all times just so baby can sleep.  I used to vacuum under the crib and he never once woke up.

Sleep on the same schedule as your baby right after birth - the housework can wait and if your partner is helpful, let him give the bottle in the middle of the night and help out with the cleaning/cooking.

My pediatrician was wonderful and gave me recipes for the soup they'll start to eat.  My child NEVER ate babyfood out of a jar (except for the fruits) and he eats everything now.

Instead of salting, add a bit of parmesan...it's much better.

If I remember anything else, I'll add it; but I think this is pretty good.

Yes, definitely find friends now it'll be a great support system for you.

Good luck!

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Posted by The Pigtails-195986 - 13 years ago

PS these are some sites to while away the hours with!!www.babyworld.co.ukwww.babyview.co.ukwww.thebabyshow.co.ukhttp://www.bilingualbabies.org/index.htmhave fun!!The one & only original Pigtails

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Posted by The Pigtails-195986 - 13 years ago

Well, first of all welcome to the world of mother hood, this will be your greatest adventure yet! All the books you read & all the advice you recieve will never really prepare you for what is about to happen!?! No birth is ever as you expect, so read your books & chat to others but remember yours will be unique to all that you hear! I was so excited to become a Mum, yet I'd worryied about me liking the baby? if it was ugly could I love it still!! lol,(needless to say for me she was stunning & it was love at first sight) the most shocking emotion I experienced was a new found respect for my parents, I'd always loved them so much but I'd never thought about how they loved me?! you wait til that heart string pings & you'll know how they must feel! that was a real eye opener for me!I was very lucky to have an english midwife here in St trop, But at the delivery you will have whoevers on that day, here in france its unusual to have a personnel contact with a midwife before the birth! the Doctor midwife roles are very reversed here, I was also very lucky that I loved my Dr, he was very cool & fun with us! when you spend 9 months of the most special part of your life with a stranger "there" so to speak, its important you feel comfortable with that person!!Ask every question, I know you proberbly dont want to think negative but from my personnel experience I never posed the question of what happens if I have a "c" section? & of course thats how it all finished in emergency, I've always regreted not asking them to lower the curtain so I could see her attached to me with the cord? so my advice is to think of every possibility & ask every question! be prepared for all options ie drugs? loads of women reserve them & dont use them & loads say they dont want them & at the last minute change their minds!! I dont know if you want to breast feed or not? But I do recommend you try? It is a very special thing that only you can do, & this will be the only time to do it! later on if you regret not doing it, its to late!! plus its not forever!! I admit its not easy at the start but hang in there coz after a month when your milk supply is stable & your clock is in time with the feeding hours, its nothing but a pleasure!! as they say "you only get out of life what you put in".And to finish I'd like to say, rest as much as possible coz for some reason pregnancy really works against you? as the months pass the more tired you are, the bigger you get, the less sleep you get, baby kicks all the time, your never comfortable, & then just when you've really had enough at the last month, you cant sleep for the excitment of this little baby arrivng & becoming officially a Mum! then all to soon little fronglase will be here, crying, gurgling, sleeping, eating & dirting his nappy round the clock & you'll wish you'd slept alot more when you were pregnant!! lolAnd one last thing, nothing is silly when your pregnant, if you dont feel right go staight to the hospital & check it out, no one will think bad of you coz the babies got hiccups?!! lol. pregnancy for the first time is a huge discovery, lots of new sensations.Bon accouchementThe one & only original Pigtails

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Posted by JanetH-197887 - 13 years ago

Welcome to the world of pregnancy and birth in France. I've just been through it all and am nursing my seven week old as I type!!!

As a few people have mentioned, connecting with other mums is vital - I think, the only problem is, I haven't been able to find any mother's groups around (something that is really common in Australia where I come from). I'm interested in meeting new mums and have already put a posting on the Angloinfo site - so anyone else out there interested, let me know.

Meanwhile Froggie - happy to meet a share experience and advice if that would help, also, while the 'what to expect book' is full of good info, it's a bit dry so I alternated with Kaz Cooke's 'Up the Duff' which is hilariously funny but also hugely useful.

Good luck and enjoy!!!

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Posted by SJ-190944 - 13 years ago

Seven months goes terribly slowly when you're awaiting your first, but enjoy the experience - when you have your second you won't have quite the same amount of time and energy to devote to your pregnancy!

I think, too, it is invaluable to find others who have recently had a baby or who are in the same position as you to talk with, particularly after the baby arrives.  Although, remember to ultimately trust your own instincts (even though you think you won't have any - you will) as this will be your baby and everyone has different experiences and different ways of doing things.  There is no one right way raise a child.  You do what is right for you and your child.

Good Luck!

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Posted by Froggie-198365 - 13 years ago

I am based near Biot, do you get a choice of midwifes or are you allocated one on day one and thats it? The major worry I have about the whole thing is the language barriers.