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Posted by coley-197877 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by lemanieg-181528 - 11 years ago

Just to say I used the Mary Poppins agency last night (June 19th 2007) and found them to be completely professional and reliable. The cost is 7,50 Euro an hour with a 3 hour minimum booking, 12 Euros for the agency, and 3 Euros for travel. The babysitter (an older French lady) turned up early, was very easy going and sweet, and seems to have done all I told her.

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Posted by NiceIloveyou - 11 years ago

hello if you need a baby sitter I am available for 10 euros the hour, you can bring children at my home day and evenings...from the 23 of june uo to the all summer, let me know thank you.

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Posted by nissa06 - 11 years ago

ahh yes i see. ok i'll start a new topic on that. i have no idea what the going rate is for that.

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Posted by ameri-cannes - 11 years ago

nissa, I would think that would fall under the category of 'day care provider', rather than 'babysitter', which is another thing altogether. (At least, in my opinion.) ;-)-Kim

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Posted by nissa06 - 11 years ago

are these rates for the occasional night out or full time/daily rates? would you pay the babysitter who watches your child 8 hours per day the same rate?

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Posted by chrissiet - 11 years ago

10 euros an hour , especially if they have their own transport and if there is more than one child.....

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Posted by capetowngirl6 - 11 years ago

Babysitting rates 10-15 Euro per hour and if at 10 euro per hour then 12 euro after midnight

especially if they are coming with their own transportation. and depending where you live.

Need a recommendation of good babysitters

I have one Debbie and she charges 10-12 euros has her own car, around 40 yrs old and has a job during the day but babysits weeknights and weekends

Her contact details are :06 19 43 86 28

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Posted by SammyT-194551 - 13 years ago

Most people have told me around 5 euros, but that it also depends on the age and number of children.


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Posted by No.6 - 13 years ago

Correction!  Apologies!  Have just checked with said daughter who says she no longer babysits for less than 7 euros/hr  (I really should keep up with the times..). She's probably right, too, it's a highly responsible job.  Still reckon the French pay less, however..

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Posted by Happy Days-188415 - 13 years ago

Hi Coley,

I babysit alot around the CDA and usually get paid 10 euros an hour. This is because i'm a wee bit older and have my own car etc but the usual rate can vary from 5 - 10 euros.