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Posted by pilkington-322676 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by mrobinson2002-498852 - 5 years ago

The Antibes CAF is on the roundabout near Carrfour- the mega supermarket.  its not that easy, I applied last June and am still trying to get it for my two boys.  You have to give them every bit of documentation ever incl your tax forms from last year, plus passport, birth certs etc etc etc.  dont expect to get it quickly - some people take years but it is all back dated to your inital application date.  although it isnt based on contributions you do have to be registered for tax and social payments in france. 


very frustrating as I got my carte vitale for the family in just over 3 months!!!!


good luck



Juan Les Pins, alpes maritimes

ps you go along and check in at the front desk, get a number then wait to see a consultant, no appointments

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Posted by cotedazurarts - 5 years ago

...I'm wondering whether "Squeaky" isn't referring to the Carte Vitale changes in the law?  I honestly have never heard of the criteria mentioned regarding 2008 etc... in terms of "qualifying" for child benefit...as far as I'm aware it's an automatic entitlement for an EU citizen (and by your name I'm assuming you're English/British) just as it would be for any French citizen in England.  That is as far as I know...I could be wrong but I honestly don't think so!  Anyway, best just go and ask.  :)

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Posted by cotedazurarts - 5 years ago

Where do you live sweetheart?  If you're near Cannes then just go to the CAF office near the train station (near Monoprix - just ask anybody and they'll tell you).  Take a ticket and wait in line and ask to see someone in a "booth"...I don't know if you speak any French or not but if not then take someone French speaking with you.  I don't know what the thing about 2008 is...it certainly hasn't applied to people I know nor to me in my dealings with them...

Go along and talk to them, they will give you a bunch of forms to fill out and you'll have to return them with copies of passports etc...

Good luck! They might not always be the most smiley people behind the screens but they won't bite!! :))

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Posted by Squeaky-882728 - 5 years ago

Just go to your local CAF office.  Why can't you just find where they are by going onto pagesjaunes.fr and looking for your nearest CAF office?

Be aware, be very aware, that as from July 2008 child benefit isn't a right to non-French nationals. You have to have paid contributions into the French system (cotisations) or be able to prove via work or self employment (or private declared income) that you can sustain your family.  This followed on from the ruling in November 2007 to not allow 'non active' Europeans access into the French health system.  Assuming that you're working or self-employed it'll be easy. If you're not, you won't be entitled.

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Posted by davidu - 5 years ago

0810 25 06 10 for CAF Alpes maritimes