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college cesar

Posted by dinka6 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by minipict1 - 7 years ago

This is because the anglophone section at CIV is only running 3 classes at CIV from 2013 onwards, this is the decision of the college admin.

the other 3 groups normally in the CIV are now running at césar, a great little college, and of course the classes will be taught by the usual aseica staff (the ones who teach the -eme at CIV)

therefore kids who would have been allocated places at CIV are now allocated to César.

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Posted by minipict1 - 7 years ago

Next academic year cesar is allocated 3 of the 6eme anglophone section classes that were once all based in the CIV. This is a decision made by CIV management and it is to make room in the college for other sections that are opening next year.

Therefore CIV is only taking 3 6eme angrlophone groups this year, and the other 3 are going to cesar. Its a great college, and the usual aseica staff (same ones who work in the CIV) will be teaching the classes.

So, kids who would have normally been allocated to CIV will be the ones now allocated to césar.