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Common medicines to keep in the house for children

Posted by bearsjoy - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by bearsjoy - 7 years ago

Thank you, kiwogs! These are wonderful additions and excellent descriptions!

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Posted by kiwogs - 7 years ago

How about some really good natural remedies too.

Teatree oil is one of the best antibacterial/antiviral busters out there & can be used safely with all ages - though must be well diluted with a carrier oil on babies & todlers (you always have olive oil in the house if nothing else.

Lavender oil is another great antibacterial - also great for headaches, tummy aches & sleeping - just put a drop or 2 in the palm of your hand with a carrier oil and rub it on the affected areas.  Drop of lavender on the pillow at bedtime for sleeping.

Eucalyptus oil on clothing or pillows helps clear airways when blocked up with colds - it is also antibacterial

All these can be added to baths & into your cleaning products too - I wash my floors with hot water 5 drops of teatree, 5 drops of eucalyptus, 5 drops of lavender & add peppermint in the summer to help keep the ants away.

If you have problems with kids/babies getting constipated one of the best remedies is to use fresh parsley.  Rub it vigorously between your hands making it into a cigarette shape - the rubbing bruises the parsley & releases the oils - then place it between the butt cheeks over the anus.  Babies & toddlers will usually have a pooh within 12 hours.  For adults with a bade case it can take a couple of days.

If your kids get an earache cut an onion in half, wrap it in some muslin or a handkerchief & put it to the ear.  I use and old stocking to tie it round the head to hold it in place.  Within 10-20minutes the pain subsides and if you can get them into bed to sleep then the infection (if caught early) is sorted by the next day.  Onion is a very powerful antibacterial.  

If these don't work for you, then at least you know they wont hurt you either.


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Posted by bearsjoy - 7 years ago

Thank you so much, Squeaky! Appreciate your additions!

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Posted by Squeaky-882728 - 7 years ago

Betadine, micropore and pancements 'tulle gras' as well as everything else mentioned.  This is a dressing which you cut to size but is impregnated with betadine and ointment so that it doesn't stick to open wounds, burns, cuts etc which are too bad for a simple plaster.  Thank goodness we had it when my son came off his motorbike and took the skin off his elbow and lower back and I chopped the end off my finger ;)

Couldn't agree more about worming tabs - fluvermal.  Used to give my son a 'vitamin pill' (ie worming tablet!) routinely once a month!  We still take one every couple of months even though he's no longer in education just as a precaution because we've got lots of animals it is a phobia of mine.

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Posted by bearsjoy - 7 years ago

Thank you, ereiamjh! Great info and additions!

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Posted by ereiamjh-229420 - 7 years ago

I forgot to mention, if you're coming from the US, bring lots of Band-Aids with you. I haven't found a bandage here which doesn't rip the skin off or make my kids howl when I take them off.

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Posted by ereiamjh-229420 - 7 years ago

Careful with aspirin and children!

The only thing I've found really useful (besides first-aid stuff) is children's Advil and paracetamol (Doliprane).

If you get them with a prescription, I think they might be re-imbursed, but I'm not sure.

After a bout of intestinal worms, I now keep a vermifuge in the cabinet. You can get them over-the-counter.

Ever since my girls entered primary school, I have to keep a stock of lice products and we regularly have to treat the whole family.

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Posted by bearsjoy - 7 years ago

Excellent! Thank you very much!

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Posted by nissalabella - 7 years ago

Hi, this is what we have as first aid medicines :

- Aspegic (aspirin 500mg)

- Synthol (rubbing alcohol)

- Vaporub (vicks) to rub on chest when children have a cold, not adequate for toddlers

- Smecta (powder to stop diarrhea)

- Eau oxygénée to dissinfect cuts, etc

- sparadraps (sticking plasters) of all sizes

- Citrate de Bétaïne (helps to diggest )

- Paracétamol (eferalgan or simply generic)

- Prospan syrup (cough medicine)

- Biafine (for babies with irritated skin)

All of these don't need a Rx (prescription) from the doctor.  Then, for something more specific, it's always better to consult.

Hope this helps,