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Commute from Vence to Monaco

Posted by Lord Albear - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by chocolat-227355 - 5 years ago

Hi, I live in La Colle sur Loup and communte by train from Cagnes sur Mer to Monaco every day.  I believe this would be the nearest station to Vence too. 

The trains can be unreliable, although mostly I would say they run to schedule.  However, sometimes (like at the moment) there are 5-15 mins delays on some morning trains 2-3 days a week.  At other times they can run like clockwork for a whole month (they seem to go through phases).  Then there are the strikes every couple of months when for two or three days they run a limited number of trains in the mornings and evenings and seem to cancel all or most trains at other times of the day.  This is manageable so long as you have the revised timetable.  Worse than this is when you arrive at the station in the morning and there are train cancellations and/or delays of 1-2 hours.  In this case, I usually get in my car and drive in.  The absolute worst is when you get on your train in Monaco in the evening and it stops (usually at Nice Ville) for 1-2 hours with no explanation, no information and no idea of when it may move again.  This has happened to me 3-4 times in the 15 months I've been doing the commute. 

Assuming trains are running on time, the train commute takes 45 minutes, however, you have to factor in driving to Cagnes sur Mer and finding parking which seems to be becoming more difficult, but not impossible, depending how early you arrive of course. 

I have driven in sometimes and while I've rarely hit jams on the motorway, as indigomonaco says there is always traffic backed-up after you exit the motorway.  However, I've always found the drive home to be a breeze, taking no more than 1 hour (but I haven't done it very often so maybe I just got lucky). 

Then there's the cost: a train ticket for a month costs around €58 and I read somewhere that the cost of driving (incl. petrol, parking and tolls) comes to around €20-25 a day).  Not sure how accurate this is though; someone else can probably be more precise. 

Hope this helps.

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Posted by indigomonaco - 5 years ago

Hi... I'm sure more people can chime in with more info, but I'll get the ball rolling:

Vence to Monaco will be a long commute in rush hour. At least 45 minutes if traffic is very good. But the route from the exit of the A8 autoroute into Monaco is always backed up with rush hour traffic in the morning, and expect it to probably take up to 30 mins longer.

I drive in on a scooter, and so can pass by all of the backed up traffic going in to Monaco.

Everything takes longer during high season, when the tourists are all on the road.  HOWEVER, if you time it early enough, you can beat the rush hour crush, but not sure how early that is. Hope someone else can help you out with that.

The train doesn't run from Vence, so you would still have to drive down to the coast to catch one (prob Cagnes sur Mer)... but the trains are NOT reliable. When running they generally run reasonably on time. However, France is rife with strike actions, which affect the train lines it seems almost constantly.

Good luck!