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Giving birth in Grasse or Cannes hospital

Posted by knixy - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by mrslb - 5 years ago

I also had a positive birth at Grasse hospital. A lot more natural than most of the horror stories you hear about in France.

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Posted by inca-199525 - 5 years ago

I had two babies at Grasse hospital - the last just over a year ago and they were excellent both times. I didn't want to leave!! Good luck

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Posted by heike-323154 - 5 years ago


 I can recommend the Hospital of Grasse.


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Posted by knixy - 5 years ago

Thank you all for your help some great information here and i really appreciate every last bit of it. Thanks :-)

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Posted by nag champa - 5 years ago

There is also an English lady advertising here http://riviera.angloinfo.com/business-directory/listing/10473/breast-start.html that does breastfeeding workshops and gives support.


Cant help re the hospitals though as my 'babies' have just turned 18 and 15yrs old over the last 2 weeks  :)

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Posted by :):):) - 5 years ago

I went to an english ante natal/birth preparation class, in Antibes. It was run by an english midwife it was really very useful and friendly and my 'class' have stayed in touch, as our babies are all pretty much the same age.  I have posted the facebook page link here   if it doesnt work, try this 


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Posted by jewels40 - 5 years ago

Hi, I'm a first time mum and I gave birth in November to my twin boys in Grasse Hospital, well, I had a C-section due to complications. My experience was really good considering my French is appalling! Everyone was lovely and we got by with dodgy English and dodgy French! I had to stay in for two weeks as there were problems with the boys, but they really looked after me. My Dr was also in Grasse hospital so all my details were already there, and he speaks English. Please email me if you"d loke his details or want to know more. x

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Posted by hutchm0510 - 5 years ago

Hi there, I also gave birth in Grasse a year and a bit ago, everyone was lovely and we were really well looked after, so throughly recommend it

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Posted by YLHH - 5 years ago

I have given birth twice in Monaco (April 2009 and November 2010).   The care was great, if not a little over the top but I am quite experienced at this as I had two children already?!  I managed completely natural births with no drugs or intervention, which I believe is quite difficult to achieve here!  The Midwives who were in the delivery room both times were fantastic and completely respected my natural way of birthing.  I don't speak any French but this did not cause any problems during the birth. There is a great English speaking Midwife who I went to see at the hospital before the birth who explained the 'French way!' and then she came to see me at home after I had my baby.   I am more than than happy to discuss further with you if this information is helpful to you.



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Posted by llaurent06 - 5 years ago

Hi, I've given birth at the hospital in Grasse a bit more than one year ago. Overall a good experience. They have now a new maternity building, so it should even be better I guess. If you like some more info you can always email me: laurent_06@hotmail.com.