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International Schooling - secondary 13 yr old

Posted by Roox2 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Linda Blochet - 5 years ago

Hi there,

I have 2 children. One 12 year old at the Centre International de Valbonne (which is in Sophia Antipolis) and the other in Grade 10 at the International School of Nice.

At the CIV the kids graduate with a French BAC optional International. The school is public with the language section being private. The fees therefore are not too hefty depending on the age of the child range from 1600 euros in college  to 2300 euros in high school for the english section. There are also italian, spanish and german sections - I don't know how the fees work for these however. The teaching in English is excellent. The teaching in all other subjects (french, maths, sciences, humanities etc) is pot luck like any public french college or lycee. The classes are huge (up to 34 kids in one class). The school is truly international, has 3000 students and is rather lax in it's discipline (in my opinion). I moved my daughter out of the CIV and into the ISN for this reason.

At the ISN there are 350 odd kids from the age of 4 up to the BAC. Here the kids graduate with an International BAC from Geneva and IGCSE's in Grade 10. All teaching is in English (apart from French). The classes are small, the school is small and has a family/american feel to it. Discipline is pretty strict while not stifling. Communication with parents is good. The hitch is the fees - you're looking upwards of 16 000 euros a year. They also have different holidays from the french system which sometimes makes it difficult.

Hope this helps. there are other international schools in the area: Mougins school, Fenelon in Grasse etc.