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kindergarden advise PLS!

Posted by MrsSmith-320169 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 6 years ago

yhere is usually provision made for accepting kids who arrive mid term so dont worry that, if you ve missed the pre summer hols dead line because you arrive in oct, that you ll have problems- it will probably be easier because they will only have you to deal with and not 100 new kids all at once

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Posted by Daisydoll-202178 - 6 years ago

It is always a tricky time when you move to a new country. In my area - just north of Nice - we had to register at the school on a certain day (which was in June I think for the following september) and then go to the Mairie afterwards with all the paperwork. That should work for your three year old who will be the right age to go into the "Petite" section at school. School will be from 8.30 - 4.30, but generally you will only get a canteen place (for the two hour lunch break 1130- 1330) if you both work. However, as your child doesn't speak french (I assume?) that they may let him or her stay for lunch to improve their language skills. You also MUST enrol for lunch time canteen and after school guarderie if you need it before the term starts too. Places tend to be limited and once they are gone that's it. At most schools there isn't enough places for all the pupils to have lunch and guarderie. Generally it is managed by the town hall rather than the school, and again you need an awful lot of paperwork to sort this out.
Normally it is also the town hall for the creche, but that might vary from area to area. They will at least be able to give you a list of creches in the area. Again places are very limited and you need to get in early. You will only get a place if you are working or in some cases looking for work. In my area they offered one afternoon and one morning to my child at 2, to help with their "socialisation", but again there is a waiting list and we finally got a place in April of the school year. I don't know how common this is. Creche facilities are very oversubscribed and their are very few private nurseries unlike the UK. Many parents choose a child minder or "Nou Nou" as an alternative.
To get around this, at two my liltte boy went to Le Kids Club in Nice twice a week. They do some great actitivites (dance. arts and crafts, music) and it gave me time to get a few things done. However it was just for the morning. My son loved it though and it was a good stepping stone as it is bi-lingual. As you can tell I wasn't a "working" mummy at that time.
I hope that helps a bit. I would like to say it was easy, but I found it all rather daunting, but I think that was my lack of language skills also at the time. Have you actually found a house and know where you will be living? At least that way you can come down for a week or two and get this rolling. I am pretty sure it takes longer to solve these things here than in the UK - the french love their paperwork!!
Good luck with everything!!

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Posted by Debbiejenn - 6 years ago

Hi there, we recently moved to Beausoleil (3 weeks ago) and are going through the same thing! We went to the Marie and there are a number of documents you will need to bring: children's birth certificates, your marriage certificate showing you are the parents, evidence of immunisations (if you are from uk, red books) and evidence of residency, I.e. utility bills or documents from agencies. We haven't got passed this step yet as just getting all the docs we need but hope that helps! It's a difficult time of year as we have discovered as everything is nearly finished for the summer!I have a 2 yr old and 3 yr old and have been told the 3 yr old will get a place no problem but for my 2 yr old, he will need a crèche and I am yet to discuss this with the appropriate person as they weren't there. There have been lots of bank holidays here making things difficult!Once I get any further I can let you know though as I am sure during the coming weeks I will find out more! Debbie