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Les Trois Collines Maternelle / kid no French

Posted by df_france - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by df_france - 7 years ago

Thank you, this is really encouraging, I have taken on board the 'pee-pee' tip! I appreciated your long response!

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Posted by Lots-322716 - 7 years ago

Couldn't agree more with amerimougins!

The director is right - it will be tough but loads of children do it and he'll be fine.

Teach him to say pee-pee - that's all he needs. My son started school without a word of French at 8 years old and I was advised not to 'prep' him so I didn't. Loved first day, sobbed every morning thereafter for a few months which broke my heart but now at nearly 20, laughs at those 'early days'. He rather humiliatingly wee'd his pants one day because he didn't know how to tell the teacher he needed a pee-pee - hence my advice! This was in the first week. His little school mates were unbelievably helpful to him. It's remarkable how people can communicate with gestures. One little girl got it across to him by way of slamming the table and pointing to her mouth that the surveillantes shout at you if you don't eat your lunch and bang the table!

He will be fine and how wonderful that he will be trilingual :)

The only thing I would say is you may like to start him off part-time, just mornings. If they stay all day, unless he is familiar with French food (saucisses lentilles, confit de canard, cassoulet, salade, etc) he may struggle with the food, and as I said, the French like the children to eat! In the afternoons the full-timers also have to sleep on command and this is all may be a bit new for him - new school, new language, different regime.

Good luck and don't worry! He'll be nattering away in French in no time. At this age, children play and 'work' alongside one another so he won't feel lonely not understanding them or being able to communicate with them.

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Posted by df_france - 7 years ago

Thanks, we have now registered little boy, fingers crossed. He is already bilingual English / German, hopefully adding another language works!

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Posted by amerimougins - 7 years ago

At the maternelle level I wouldn't worry that your child doesn't speak French. At that age, they adapt very quickly and there's no better time for kids to learn a second language! It's much easier to do it at 3 years in petite section--then your child will be bilingual well before cp and can take the test for the Trois Collines bilingual section when it comes time! (the bilingual only starts at CP level) I put my four kids with no French straight into French school five years ago (ages 9, 6, 5 and a toddler) and there were a few tears, but they were better off in the end! Good luck with your decision - and remember, every child has an adaptation period at 3 years old to school, no matter what language it is in!

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Posted by emily brand-306844 - 7 years ago

I used to do some teaching at Les Trois Collines for a bilingual scheme running there (6yr onwards.)I don't speak French but found there were a few teachers that did and got on ok - I guess it will be a little tough at first but sure it only take him a very short while to settle in. They learn so quickly when they are that young and I have had friends who send their English speaking kids to french schools and they learn french very quickly. I now have a 4 month old and am planning on sending him to a french school.