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Looking for Summer Gymnastics/Dance Classes

Posted by bearsjoy - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Aagje-308011 - 6 years ago

At this page of the website of Danseplus you can see that there will be summer classes from 9 till 22 July, but no information is available yet http://www.danseplus.com/page39.html

In the pool of La Turbie there are swimming lessons every morning in July and August, but all in French.

In Nice you have the 'kids club' where they do 'stages' for the summer holidays. They do speak (some) English, but it is not only about physical activities. There is also the Ecole des Champs in Draps, also 'stages' with probably more sports etc (they have a bus service and pick up from La Turbie)

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Posted by bearsjoy - 6 years ago

Thank you for your responses! I also looked a feminasports.com but it was not clear on their site whether they had summer classes/hours. As for Danse Plus, I looked into their services when we first moved here last summer, but was told that they didn't have anything available until the school year started. Perhaps I should contact them again!



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Posted by Crossfamily-289915 - 6 years ago


Try Danse Plus they run summer classes. All english speaking and lots of expats.


Have a good day.

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Posted by Debbiejenn - 6 years ago

Hi there, my 2 children did gymnastics in England before we moved here last week and have been looking for similar. I have found this website http://www.feminasports.com/baby-gym.html but haven't looked into it further yet. If you do find anything out, let me know!