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Mothers & Baby group

Posted by ALo - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by kfulwell - 15 years ago

I've got a holiday home in Nice (near Riquier) and we're over every month for a few days.  Leo (18 months) and Oliver (just turned 4) would adore to meet up and play with some other children .....  We tend to go to the little part at Delfino/Arson or to the Chateau or Castel des Deux Rois or Parc Vigier.  We're next over on 9th Dec so if anyone fancies meeting up, leave a message here or email me .... or we have a mobile number we use in France I can email.


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Posted by mum to 2 - 15 years ago


We've recently arrived in the Sunny south. I have a 3 year old boy and 10 month old girl. I have been to AVF and also the baby group in the Christian Fellowship however it would be good to meet people closer to Nice .. around the Cagnes, Villeneuve, Vence area ...

In particular looking for ideas to entertain 3 year old as the weather gets colder and we can't rely on Parks and the beach to work off energy.

Anyone interested in geting together on a regular basis to discover what there is for the kids?
Email me ..

Mum to 2

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Posted by JanetH-197887 - 15 years ago

Hi All

I'm so happy to have found this chat as I posted a notice a month ago looking for a Mother/Baby Group in Nice but didn't get a big response. I have however met up with a few other mums after the posting and I'm sure we'd all be interested in getting together and setting up some activities, outings, lunches etc.

I have a quite challenging 2.5 month old but will give any spare time I have to helping set something up, in the meantime, I'd love to meet with anyone interested. I will reply to some of your postings directly with my contact details.

A bientot - Janet


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Posted by Snowman-185063 - 15 years ago

Hi all,

My son (Léo) is 16 months, we live in Le Cannet, if anyone wants to meet up at the same time when we go to the parks, then feel free to contact me. We normally go in the morning and afternoon, depending on the weather.

All the best


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Posted by olga_Stefan - 15 years ago

Hi everybody,

I too am in Nice.  It was good hearing from you, Julie.  I emailed you back.  When you're back from your trip I'd be eager to get together.  Malena, I emailed you back too.  I would be very interested in getting involved in such a group.  Lucas is almost 15 months and is full of energy that needs to be used in productive, not destructive, ways.  I go to the park with him where he has loads of fun on the slides, but he hasn't made any regular friends, unfortunately. 

Maybe next weekend, if the weather is as beautiful as this weekend has been, maybe we can go to the forest near Cagnes for a picnic - there is a great children's park there.

Hope to ehar from all/any of you soon,


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Posted by JPB-188466 - 15 years ago

Hi RaquelI would be interested in your group it sounds great. I am based in Nice as well. I have emailed you privately my phone numberJulieJulie

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Posted by quel123-199084 - 15 years ago


my name is Raquel and I live in Nice.  I'm brazilian but raised in the US and married to a French/American man... we've been living in Nice for 2 years (we spend our summer in the States)


I'm in the process of opening up a center for kids and moms sometime in the next couple of months... I want to have "baby gym" classes for kids under 1 and music, painting and english for kids from 2 to 6... I also want to have mommy/baby groups and yoga for pregnant (and post natal) moms.  I'd love to touch base with any of you who may be interested. 


Are you american or english?!

look forward to hearing back from you


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Posted by malena-191350 - 15 years ago


Are you in Nice, yet?


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Posted by malena-191350 - 15 years ago

Hey Julie,

Sounds great.  What kind of baby groups did you find in Sophia?  I'm new to this kind of stuff, so was wondering what activities are usually done.  Right now I am involved in Bébè Nager, here in Nice and I find it wonderful.  Although, I haven't met any other English speaking mothers.  My French is still pretty shakey, so I'm keen on meeting some other Anglo mums. 

Also there is a 'gym' type place right next to where I live.  I am not sure if I can actually call it a gym, because of the very limited exercise machines they have (three I think).  It is mainly one main room surrounded with mirrors and has soft matts, steps, handweights, etc.  I suppose it's mostly an aerobic fitness center with rooms for relaxtion and massages.  It's owned and ran by two women I believe (like I said my French is poor). 

Anyways, I was originally interested and wanted to propose a Yoga session with them.  They don't do anything like it at the moment, as it is a very new place, about a year old.  But depending on what you guys are thinking, maybe if we got a decent sized group together and searched out a teacher (preferably some minimal english spoken).  We could go to them with an idea ie; mommy and baby gym, mommy and baby dance or anything else you may be able to think of. 

I know there are some very good baby exercises out there that help stimulate brain developement and physical milestones ie. flipping, upper body strength, sitting up, etc.  And exercising for the mommies........ well, I'm sure we'd all love to tone up a bit.  Have you ever done exercises around your baby?  My baby absolutely loves it!  She has a riot laughing at me as I scream my last push up or say peek a boo on my sit ups.

And if, all you're up to is some museum touring, or lunching that's great too!  :) 

Malena and Lene

P.S. Julie think about bebe nager!  My baby can now fall into the pool fully clothed, flip on her back, float and breath until I come pick her up.  All in less then 10 sessions (you pay per 10 sessions).  It's really a nice bit of extra security, especially if you happen to have a pool.  It's preferable to start before your baby turns one, at that time she loses the instinct to hold her breath in water as she did in utero.  

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Posted by JPB-188466 - 15 years ago

HiI also live in Nice and have a 6 month old baby. I know of the mothers and baby group in Sophia but I find it difficult getting organised to be there at 9.30am so I would love to meet up with other mums closer to home. I have emailed you all directly with my phone number but if there are others in the Nice area who are interested, maybe we can get a group together. JulieJulie