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Mougins school

Posted by marso - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by marso - 4 years ago

Hi Kentish maid,

Thanks for your reply. I clicked on your name which leads me to your profile but there's no link to an e-mail address. I tried the same with a few other posters and they do have a link to an e-mail in their profile. Could you check this? Alternatively you can e-mail me as my e-mail is enabled. 


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Posted by Kentish maid-243236 - 4 years ago

Hi Marso

A very Good New Year to you.

I know an English family with a son aged 15-16 who plays rugby , his club goes around the PACA region for games, including Toulon. The family is not in the 'moneyed' classes, but decided to live here for the quality of life, as we also do.

If you would like to email me privately, I can give the contact details of the family & also more positive info on Mougins School. (I do not want to give such info here in public)

Hope to hear from you.



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Posted by marso - 4 years ago

Thanks Lescypres,

Good to hear another positive report. Do you mean by not truly international that it is doesn't have a wide mix of nationalities? Maybe because it's based on the British system?

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Posted by Lescypres-362869 - 4 years ago

My kids were educated in the French system throughout their school years, except our last move to Tokyo. My then 14 year old had to go to an anglophone school. Two years later we moved to Valbonne. She was just starting her last two years of school, I have to say I don't think Mougins is a truly "international" school academically. However, as a caring environment, offering support to my "displaced" daughter it was second to none. As in all schools there is disparity between between social economic groups, from the limousine delivered Monaco princesses to children whose parents struggle to keep them in school.

my daughter flourished and got the A levels needed for university and always appreciated, as I did, the dedication of the staff. 

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Posted by marso - 4 years ago

Hi All,

Happy new year.

I am going to revive this thread to say that we are planning a visit to see Mougins school at Easter. We are going to be in the area for a few days having a mini Easter break so it seemed like a good opportunity. We are still continuing with our plans to move there not this summer but next. It seems to me so close yet so far away. But still lots of time to think (or get cold feet!). As I said before IF teenage son is still up for it and he is ATM we will need to start getting the ball rolling soon regarding house sale, school enrolement etc.

Armarie- You are right that one should be cautious about interrupting education but I think- if he is willing- that sixth form isn't a bad time to ring the changes. And with Mougins being a British school that shouldn't be too much of a change. 

Df_france-good to hear your positive experience of the school.

Kentish maid-you mentioned that you may know some local Rugby clubs. I would be interested to hear of your recommendations and about how they welcome foreigners. Do they make allowance for the language barrier? Although he's studying French, being coached in it will be a whole different ball game:-) 

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Posted by df_france - 4 years ago

Dear Valada,

I'm a mother with a 13 year old at Mougins School.  

My experience is very positive.  The staff are predominantly English (or French) and teaching standards are high.  It does not try to be an accademic hot house, but there are a lot of very smart high achieving  pupils going on to top universities.  Turnover is similar to that at all international schools, that's just how it is.  It does not bother my daughter.  

I'm sure if you visit the school your instinct will tell you if this is what you are looking and if it is right for your child / your family.  We all have different expectations of schools, as reflected in the above posts.

Good luck!



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Posted by valada - 4 years ago

Thank you for your reply, we have been many times in South of France and I must say it has been an expierience with French attitude. Yes, lifestyle weather is the main key, as in UK the weather is not the best, but what  I would like to know is every day life, comunication with parents at school, comunication with teaches are they friendly understanding easy to talk, activities outside, would be nice to know from mothers who already sending kids to Mougins school, how do they find it the enviroment, the french system how much presents of it at school as after all it is an english school in France.

I red some comments from different blogs that academically is not that strong school, so would be nice to know from mothers who sending their kids to this school what do they think. To me it looks a good school from outside, but from inside? My thoughts are to move to France and stay there, would not like to move again. Also, it has been the comments that pupils at school keep changing every year and it is not a settled environment , as some familys stay for 2 to 5 years and move away, probably because of their jobs, how does that effect their classmates, their best friends. 

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Posted by marso - 4 years ago

Hi Valada,

You say your son is 4 years old. Is that right? He must be starting in the primary school section then.

I posed the original question about what Mougins school was like for my teenager who we hope will go there in a year's time. So I can't answer any of your questions about the school but hopefully someone else will be along to give their view. I have already had some very helpful answers regarding the senior section of the school.

I imagine getting to know a French woman would be no harder than getting to know a more reserved English woman-providing you know the language. I have only experience of french women who live in NI and they all love our welcoming, familiar style and soon are adopting it as their own.

If you look on the Mougins school website it does seem to have a good community spirit- but again we need an insider's view on that. I imagine that most of the teachers are native english speakers and the ethos of the school is more like what you would be used to in the UK.

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Posted by valada - 4 years ago

Hi there,

We have got the place in Mougins from September and my son is 4y old we live in UK at the moment. We really want to move, but still questioning the school, Is it strong academically?the teaches at school are they all mother tong english? How are the atmosphere at school and parents. In UK the teaches are really very professional approachable and with great manners.

What about the teaches in Mougins are they friendly do they have any french attitude?   What about manners at school? Has Mougins  a high standart as good British school?    What about after school activities, community Comunication, Good friends. I have been told that to make friends with french woman and their attitude is impossible or hard to tolorate??    Thanks, Valada  

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Posted by Armarie - 4 years ago

Hi marso - yes the boys stayed at their school in England  they are the youngest  of 7 and the eldest 2 girls went to Oxford and Cambridge respectively - one of those is in Berlin and the other is  doc. For MSF in Myanmar. Another son works in New York and the other 2 work in the UK. I still think a change for 6 th form is quite a big ask (unless your son was unhappy with the original school which he doesnt seem to be) even for moving within the UK Itself. Best of luck anyway!