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Moving to the French Riveria.... Advice

Posted by rebecca d - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by ankre - 5 years ago

Hello Rebecca,


We are a French/German family living here since 16 years (we are living in Mougins). We are just creating a circle of friends coming fromUK,Spain,Malawi,Switzerland,Ireland,Sweden, USA etc. Nickan, a Swedish family, just moved fromMadridto Biot. Biot is also a VERY international place with a lot of expats.

I agree, Valbonne, Vence, excellent cities.

If you want please contact us for more information and/or when you are here.

You are very welcome



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Posted by Davesjac - 5 years ago


My partner and I moved here (Valbonne) beginning of Jan. In the short time we have been here I have discovered that Valbonne and Antibes and in fact loads of the villages have strong English and English speaking communities. They are all within reasonably easy reach of the beaches too.

One of the advantages in being slightly inland is it is quieter, (as in slightly less frenetic traffic, not so built up, etc). But each to their own. 

We too have had to hunt out work and we have found Angloinfo invaluable. We just check in daily on the classifieds and also the discussions page.

Also If you look at the ads featured they are often English companies or aimed at the English speakers.

I also put in the search box on Angloinfo; English Builders' for example.

Bon Chance!




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Posted by Horserider-273233 - 5 years ago

Hi Rebecca,


Valbonne or villages around, I've lived here for last 13 years and have 4 kids, 3 born here. Happy to give more info if you want. Close to Antibes!

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Posted by rebecca d - 5 years ago


 Thank you for that. I will look into both places.

On the off chance I dont suppose you know of any English speaking sales companies or building firms as my partner has 11 years exp in sales and 27 years in building?

Trying to look for work via the internet and its a little hard, obviously not being there and not knowing any local employment papers etc...


Thanks, Becky


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Posted by nissalabella - 5 years ago

Hi Rebecca, I would recommand 2 places to live in, one is Antibes, the old town is really nice and the English-speaking community is big plus you have all sorts of schools even some English-bilingual ones.

The other place is more inland - 15 minutes from beaches - and is Vence, with its 20000 habitants, a good number of schools, and a large English speaking community. 

If you want some more infos about the two places, don't hesitate to contact me, I am a "local"!


Good luck,