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Portrait photographer

Posted by SunnySue-315619 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by villaparasol - 6 years ago

A couple of years ago there was a show in a charmingly 70s-ish basement 'musée' in Nice by a photographer called Sarah Vermeersch, with large (A2?) prints of faces; some had been tinkered, I think, to express whimsy or pathos in the character and that was charming & effective; but the centrepiece was a pair of children's heads where the charm was matched also by a sort of (appropriate) child-like intensity that was really vivid - not lest because the girl carried a crown that was done in collage fake jewels around her head - a triumph! I think if you want something somewhat removed from what the passport office want, you'll find this photographer can see past what the lens dully reports. And to be technical, I thought I noted that the angle of the shots (in them & elsewhere) accentuated participation in the child's world, rather than as 'little people' in ours. If you google you'll find. Vaut le coup.

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Posted by snowqueen-191196 - 6 years ago

Linda Alaniz in Biot is fantastic. She has great rapport with both kids and adults and her black and white photographs are terrific. Would highly recommend her. Take a look at her website - www.alaniz-photo.com

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Posted by NorthernGal-230817 - 6 years ago

Bruce Thomas is fantastic, have used him many times and have loads of friends who've used him.

I did think he'd moved on to do something else like yaughting photography but perhaps he'd still be available.

You prob need to check him out through Yaughting pages or something like that to contact him initially.

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Posted by cc42 - 6 years ago

Try Naneen Rossi her stuff is really different, did some wonderful shots of my family www.naneen-photography.com tel 0634332336

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Posted by KaganMonaco - 6 years ago

Hi,I would also recommend Achin. He takes photos of my son every month. He is very patient and good with kids. I recommended him to my friends and everyone has been happy. Susana

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Posted by SunnySue-315619 - 6 years ago

Thanks for your reply on here and all the personal replies I received as well. I'm still going through all the references I've been sent and will be in touch when I make a decision.

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Posted by salesatcotedazur - 6 years ago

Hello There,
We did our kids pictures by Achin and it was fantastic. He is very creative and patient with kids. Our kids loved itand the pictures are on their wall now. You can find his details on http://www.achingrover.com