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Question about Fenelon College

Posted by Norab6 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Norab6 - 5 years ago

Obviousley I have not experienced the schools but from what I have heard/read Fenelon is a fantastic school but very academic and they will kick you out if you do not do well. CIV I have read a lot of mixed things about including that it has gone quite down hill in the past few years. Not sure if that is true or not. CIV is also much larger then Fenelon so that is something to consider too. Personally I would much prefer to get my kids in Fenelon but I think there is probably no chance since they do not speak French. Maybe next year I can try again.


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Posted by FionaAtAngloInfo - 5 years ago


I'm in a somewhat similar situation. Our UK assignment is coming to an end in May 2014. My son in 6eme in the UK. He's fluent in French, reads a lot in French, and writes it though his grammar may not be as strong as a native's. So I think an international section would be a good fit.

We will be working in Sophia Antipolis, with some flexibility as to where to live.

How would you decide between CIV and Fenelon? Are levels equivalent? What is the 'ethos' like at each one?

I appreciate your help on this.


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Posted by june rose 66 - 5 years ago

I believe that both Fenelon and the CIV run the French programme with Engish grafted on so it's important for the students to have some French. The CIV and its satellites have a sufficient number of students to be able to offer special classes whereas Fenelon only has the one class.

Good luck with your move.


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Posted by KidooLand-656021 - 5 years ago

I have a son in 6ieme International.. he loves it.

he has a really good French level having been in the French system all his life and to be honest he really needed it .. their French (grammar)  lessons are really indepth . even my French borther in law raised his eyebrows at the content.

They only have one International section and so I guess they are not able to accept different levels.

The ASEICA run international sections (CIV, Eganaude, Cesar and Nikki) option might be better especially coming from abroad .. they have more classes and levels .. I am not sure given the late date whether you would get in for Seo 2013 as the exams and admissions have already been posted but it's worth a try. Good luck!