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'Redouble' CE1 or not?

Posted by flower68 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by ReWe - 6 years ago

Think of it as a positive opportunity, not a negative failure. He will adjust to the change of friends more quickly than you can imagine and very soon you will be seeing the spectacular results of his progress. The more you see it as bonus to his education, the more he will embrace it, instead of him floundering around with a new year and being unable to cope with the curriculum. The French Education system is very hard work for any pupil, but with your total dedication to helping him at every step, this will encourage him to do his best. Goodluck. My son did re-do CE1, he found himself and never looked back, he is now studying at Edinburgh University and loving it, with excellent results!

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Posted by les lucioles - 6 years ago

It does actually exist in other countries as well, Holland for instance. But it is so accepted there that it doesn't seem to be such a big problem.

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Posted by Debbie.Wenn-246797 - 6 years ago

Redoubling a year is nothing to be ashamed of and is quite common in France. My son redoubled "seconde" because he had no choice as it was his 1st year at a French school but it was the best thing for him as he would not now be at Uni in the UK (he could not speak French up until then).

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Posted by roquefortoise - 6 years ago

In CE1, kids are learning real strong basis. If your son is having trouble now, he is more likely to have more trouble next year. It is not a failure to redo a class, under the french system it is quite likely it will happen before the terminale.

Redoing his class now might benefit him more than carrying some lack of knowledge.

2 out of my 3 kids had to go through that, I ve no regret.

Good Luck

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Posted by thinklucky - 6 years ago

Take the teachers advice unless you are certain you are in a recovery position, my son had the same experience, he was more than dis-enchanted that we did it to him but is now well adjusted and at University, having incidently deciding when at lycee to effectively do the same thing to himself by switching his BAC options after 1 year, and going back to do applied Art - I doubt he'd have had the confidence to do this totally at his own insistance if he hadn't previously had the experience of going back one year and realising the stigma is all in the mind. Good luck whatever you decide I wish you success.

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Posted by trae1107 - 6 years ago

I agree with most oif the previous posters - if the teacher thinks he needs to redouble, she probably has a point. At the end of the day CE1 is very young and he'll get over it much more easily than if it happens in collège. Bear in mind that in other countries, the children's age on 1st September is the cut off point, so if he's born after September 1st, it isn't unusual for these children to need more help - they are very young for their year.

Also, there is much info about that the older the kids are when they take their Bacc, IB, A Levels etc, the better they do..... Look it up on the internet, it may make you feel better about it. Personally, when my daughter was in CE1 last year and if her teacher had suggested she redouble the year, I would have taken his advice.

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Posted by GreenLeaf-314739 - 6 years ago

| This story of "redoublement" is very unique in France, doesn't exist in any other countries.

Yes it does, in the US you do not get the chance to say "Yes" or "No", you fail, you stay in the same grade until you pass.

I have to agree with the posters. What is more important, staying with his friends (who after 18 he will hardly ever see again - I say this thru experience with many families on the Cote d'Azur. Most kids go away to college, then work elsewhere in France or another country as it is to expensive for entry level postitions to live here) or building a strong base for his future. If he is having problems today, what is going to change next year when the courses are harder.

Did she recommend "summer school"? If she did not, then he has done really bad and the answer should be a "no brainer".

Good Luck...

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Posted by nasus1 - 6 years ago

Bilingual kids have a big disadvantage having so much more to take in. If you dont understood the years work, its going to leave you completely lost in the following year. I have know three children who have redoubled and for all of them it was a positive out come. They got a chance to actually be top of the class and reap some praise, which works wonders for a child's moral and confidence.

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Posted by SStannard-300135 - 6 years ago

My daughter also 'redoubled' a year in primary ( CM2). Initially she wasn't keen because of losing face, all her friends were moving on etc but it was the bet thing from her and she went from just scraping by to having the best marks in her class and now she is doing great at college. It has given her a boost to her self esteem and ensured that she had a solid foundation to build upon.Our experience was very positive . All the best with whatever you decide to do.

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 6 years ago

teachers dont come to this decision lightly so her advice will probably be valuable.
If your son has problems in the basic subjects of maths and french it will have a knock on effect on the other subjects in the future.
He will obviously not want to do it as he (and maybe you?) will see it as a failure and think he will lose his peer contacts but he would be better off doing it now when he can still see his old classmates at the recré than at the end of the CM cycle if he s still struggling when all his classmates would go onto college without him.
It's not a failure to redouble a year , it can be an intelligent way of getting a solid base for the future. He will be revising stuff he already knows in some places which will give him good marks which will boost his confidence for the subjects he s struggling with.
The school curriculum can be very pressurising for any child, even one with french as a maternal language, so an opportunity to consolidate and improve and ease the pressure could be good for your son.
My son redoubled at a much later stage in his schooling but it was a very positive experience

There are too many kids going to college with poor language & numeracy skills these days because parents wont see the redoublement as constructive decision and it is causing behavioural issues in adolescence to be even more disruptive