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School Info request: Pain Sucre and Cours Champollion

Posted by sunnywithachance - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by verbier - 4 years ago

My 8 year old son went to Pain de Sucre for one year. It was a dreadful school, he learnt absolutly nothing.  Even when I complained nothing was done. He left the school being able to speak French but that was about it.

The school he goes to now is fantastic, but they were horrified when he first arrived at his lack of maths, English and written French. For example he could not even add a simple sum of 1+2.

Hope this helps, its really hard to find good schools here.

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Posted by xandrabo - 4 years ago



Thank you- that would be great. It does look really sweet from the website and the price is decent, so I think this is probably my first choice...

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Posted by sunnywithachance - 4 years ago

I haven't been able to get a response from Cours Champollion but a kind person send me a PM. She found the school to be small but warm and will be sending their younger child there and older one to Mougins. I plan to visit next week if I can get a response and will update you. 

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Posted by xandrabo - 4 years ago


Did you have any luck with the visit at Cours Champollion? Was it nice? I am considering this school for my 6 year old boy who speaks very little French.. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...

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Posted by EmaSol - 4 years ago

Hello i've had the same dilemma recently.i wrote to both school and from Pain I have received only PDF brochure without any comments and from Cours I have received a letter from the Directrice that she will be happy to accept my son and we go to visit her tomorrow.as long as we will be based in Villeneuve Loubet this is our natural choise.