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schools, catchment areas and enrollment Valbonne

Posted by AmberKeightley - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by df_france - 7 years ago

I'm in Mougins, and when I went along to the school office to complete the enrollment they looked up where my address was in a b g map in the office, with all the school catchment areas marked.  We were (pleasantly) surprised with the catchment area we fell into, as it is not the school physically closest to us.

So best to go to the office to check (wherever you have to go to enroll).

Re enrollment without a fixed address: will be difficult.   Proof of address is part of the dossier.  I would think that you will not be confirmed a school place until you have an address ... is logical, if frustrating. 


Good luck!

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Posted by ereiamjh-229420 - 7 years ago

I know a lot of people want to go to Daudet (the village) and that Garbejaire has a negative reputation, but I think Garbejaire is quite a good school and doesn't earn it's bad reputation at all. In addition, Garbejaire has an Italian bilingual section, which might be quite interesting for you. Also, the maternelle and primary sections are all in one building, so you don't have that difficult situation when you have 2+ children of having to be in 2 places at the same time.

My children go to Haut Sartoux because they are in the English bilingual section. The younger one went to the maternelle there. If you're concerned about biligualism, it's a great maternelle because all the younger siblings of those in the bilingual sections (English and German) go there. So in my daughter's class, almost half were fully bilingual and a lot of them made it into the bilingual sections this year.

But Haut Sartoux is a hard school to be in the catchment area for. It's rather small, so you basically have to live right in Haut Sartoux.


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Posted by AmberKeightley - 7 years ago

Thanks for that, I wasn't expecting the enrollment date to be as late as that. In Italy we do it in Jan, so I'll need to let our school know then that we won't be there again in Sept. We'll be moving up around June at the end of our school year here (depending of course when we find a house to rent) but we'll drive up at Xmas and Easter to try and organize  a few important things - like schools - before we come. 

Can I ask how you find the school your kids are at? Good experiences so far? I'm thinking now it may not be as easy to get our kids into the school we'd have chosen so I'd better start informing myself on the other options if it will be the Mairie that uses for us.  We're looking at Maternelle Daubet. Have you heard anything about that school?

I appreciate any information you can send me, I  know how challenging it can be to walk into a different culture so anything you send will be appreciated. 

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Posted by ereiamjh-229420 - 7 years ago

Can't help you on the catchment area map - I've never heard of one. I think enrollment usually has to be done sometime in June. I believe you'll need to have an address (they'll ask for proof of residence). I fall into the Garbejaire catchment area, as do all the residents of Route d'Antibes. If you live just a little bit away from Route d'Antibes toward the village, then you go to the village. If you live toward Mougins, but still in Valbonne, then you go to Haut Sartoux I think.

If you come after the enrollment period, the town has to let your children into one of the town's schools, but depending on how full the schools are, that doesn't necessarily have to be the school in your catchment area. I think in Valbonne, there is always space in Garbejaire, so if your catchment area school is full, that's where they would send your children.