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stage for student in 3eme

Posted by kas206 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by kas206 - 7 years ago

Found through this site a great company based in vence/antibes that took my son for a great week in the audio visual sector. Very kind and helpful switched on lady whos knows her stuff. Not sure if i am allowed to mention what company but if anyones knows who i am talking about don't hesitate to use their services they are on the ball and professional. My son is quite sure he knows what he wants to do now. Big thanks to all who contributed to this feed.


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Posted by kas206 - 7 years ago

thank you so much for your supportive and kind input.

we seem to have a few leads now but are awaiting availability. we are in the cote d'azur area..most busy actually and today happened to speak to a neighbour who works in IT. so I am hopping but not hopefull? Or rather I should be hopefull but do not want to count chickens before hatched. Either way i just want him to have experience. At 14 a lad needs discipline and lessons. Unfortunately hard ones it seems. I need him to realise he does have to get himself up in the morning, that the big wide world out there is serious and he has to be on time and do a good days work. so I am in favour of the stages but it would be so much more helpful if parents weren't left to do the leg work all the time.

as for doing your childs homework!!! I don't mind helping but they have to do it themselves! LOL !

I understand though.

so we have a chance in a hotel down the road, a chance in the local supermarket, our neighbour and two hotels in the centre of Cannes. May be even a yachty job. I really hope something comes up or we are deeply in the mud to be polite.

will keep you posted.

feeling better, less stressed than yesterday. thank you angloinfo for letting me sound off in this forum..has been very helpful in more ways than one.

Calmer MUM.

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Posted by ouch that hurt !-230853 - 7 years ago

The trouble is also, that the children know at the beginning of the year that this needs to be sorted & don't always give you enough time to organise it?  it is a horrible task.

what about the mairie, office de tourism (he is bilingue?), boat yard, plumber, electrician,building companies,capitainerie, it's only 5 days, so whatever it is, it is ultimately an experience!

I agree, I think it shd be made easier, & 3eme its doubtful that its of any real use

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Posted by Garonne - 7 years ago

Sorry you didn't get a result kas :(

Our local shops all take them including the Telephone Store.  Only on Friday did a French friend ring me to see if I knew anyone who may take her daughter.  The couturier which is just down the alleyway in my little town agreed to take her.  It's also a wool shop with other bits and bobs.  My local Proxi takes them too.  But this is a small rural town and I think it's much more difficult in the cities where the enterprises are far busier than in sleepy Lot-et-Garonne.

I'm sure you're already aware, but be careful with any aspect of the catering industry.  Stagiares are very strictly regulated concerning the hours they work and shift patterns, etc.

This is so typical of things about the educational system in France that drove me nuts (thankfully no longer).  Parent interaction within the school structure is very much discouraged until it comes time for them to need to do a stage or do a project, for devoirs.  Can I tell you how much I enjoyed literally gathering and pressing wild flowers and herbs and creating a book using only recycled materials with all the latin names whilst my son was off skateboarding?  Or creating a 'thing' out of corks and cocktail sticks and other junk which he got 18 out of 20 for and hung in pride of place from the ceiling of the technology classroom!   Ridiculous!

I was working at an estate agency at the time when my son's stage was due and he said 'I'll just come to work with you for a week, cool'.  Er, no!!

I totally agree with you kas.  I think a list should be provided to the parents and that the collège should have the responsibility of establishing that there are sufficient local enterprises prepared to take stagiares to take the pressure off the parents.  It's the same when they get to lycée ...

The way I see it (where we live) most of the parents get placements for their children through friends who know responsables and gérant(e)s.  Don't know many of them who don't work weekends in retail, incidentally, with Saturday being their busiest day.  Perhaps they were just too busy as yesterday was a Saturday and not the best day to go asking about a stage, but of course you had no choice which I fully understand.

I hope he finds somewhere quickly.  If you work, can't your organisation take him??

You say about him getting the bus safely, but then if it's a shop or office, he's got the 2 hour lunch break to cope with.  I was working 90km from my home and my son's place where he did his stage, but luckily le boyfriend was on the sick at the time so he did the collecting at midday thing.

It's a total nonsense and the academies should scrap it.  If enough of them got together perhaps the minister of education would listen, as well as the ridiculous way that all kids work at the same level to the same curriculum at collège.

I don't know your area - are there no small villages with privately owned shops - they usually take them.  Have you asked all your French friends who may have family with enterprises?

Good luck kas. 

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Posted by kas206 - 7 years ago

All I can say is that if the government want the kids to do an obligatory stage in 3eme then they should do the reasearch or get the companys to do a survey to say who is willing to support this obligation and at what age they are excepting the responibilty to take these kids on in their work place. the tourist infomation centers find all the local b&bs why can't the maire have a list ready of all entreprises participating in general stages?

I have had nothing but stress for this. One we knew what my son wanted to do but could only phone on the off chance a company would take him or have a vacancy. (prooved to be fruitless). Two even when we realised he just had to do something even if not related to his ambitions it was too late and everything has gone.

Yes we went cold calling all over Cannes and on the route to Cannes. As it is the weekend and My son goes to school in the week all the directors or 'responsablers' are off at the weekend so we are none the wiser. All we do know is that either he is too young to be taken on or they don't take anyone or they are already full with their quota.

The retail shops were very unhelpful actually and the hotels were a better option in then end, we have to call back Monday to talk to the directors. Grey d'albion and carlton included.

I blame the government for implementing this and not producing any information for parents who in all fairness work most of the time and haven't got time to go cold calling in the week when the directors are available. Not many people get ilimeted calls either, luckily as long as it is in france metro we can.

Thank you for your kind imput to all concerned but i hope if i find different outlets i would pass them on to others for ease of service in the future.

Vets, local super markets, clothe stores, and some restaurants take kids from 3eme. the so called informatique stores and electircal retailers don't. I tried a lot of small businesses and they all said they were far too busy to take on extra hands that needed guidance in december so near to christmas and at their busiest periods. Insurance costs are another factor.

so parents be forewarned. I will check in again when we have found something as it is obligatory you know.

sorry if I sound a little irate but am very stressed by all this.

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Posted by Garonne - 7 years ago

Good luck!  Let us know later how you/he got on!

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Posted by kas206 - 7 years ago

thanks we are on to it today!


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Posted by Garonne - 7 years ago

The phone shops, computer shops, vétérinaires, beauticians, etc (anything specialist!) get snapped up really quickly, normally by family members or friends of staff already working there or in management.

The hotel/restauration industry doesn't usually take stagiares except lycéens due to pressure of work and the 'liability' risk.

Try all the shops as I already posted - one of them will take him, I'm sure.  That really is your best option, in my opinion.

There's no quick fix solution I'm afraid.  If you don't know anyone personally who's able to accept him, you have to go knock-knocking on doors!!  ;)

Good luck!

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Posted by kas206 - 7 years ago

thank you very helpful and I must admit that was going to be my stragegie next week.

Apple don't take anyone apparently.

I have found there are lots of vetinaries that take students but as it is so late they are full too.

I may try the hotels? Do you think that would work? 

anyway will surely help anyone else if i need to later if and when we succeed.

cold calling at it's hottest!!!

thanks again but if anyone out there knows of a company please let me know.


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Posted by Garonne - 7 years ago

It doesn't matter where your son does his stage, just get him in anywhere by cold calling with him as time is clearly running out.  The mobile phone and computer shops are, for obvious reasons, snapped up quickly as this is most teenagers dream of a place to spend a week!

A few years back I set a day aside to go round all the local enterprises with my son who sprung it on me the week before he was due to do a stage.  This was also 3ème. He was snapped up at the first one - a massive designer retail chain who were thrilled with the extra pair of hands before Christmas by an enthusiastic bilingual young man.  He had a whale of a time and they loved him so much they took him on to cover maternity leave a couple of summers later.

My advice would be to focus on retail and not administration.  An 'extra' can easily slip into a retail organisation and is welcome at this time of year but in an office environment it's not so easy to accommodate stagiares.  They'll take the lycéens who are studying a relevant course but not the collège students. 

So go off armed with a copy of his identity, with him, and just go round all the retail outlets.  Someone will take him!  It's much better to turn up in person than to ring and as you have discovered, there are no lists available of employers who accept stagiares.