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Teeth Clenching & Teeth Grinding

Posted by SINEMM - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by ketv2009 - 5 years ago

I agree wholeheartedly with KDP.

If they are older it could be other causes, but parasites are a likely cause other than general teething.

Any naturopath or truly holistic doctor would address the parasite issue.

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Posted by henryaddy-277476 - 5 years ago

My son done it between about 2 an 3 and a half years.  When i mentioned to my wife she seemed to think it was commonplace and had googled it and wotnot.  It is irritating. The he just stopped.  Now we have to wait for the madman second son to start. 

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Posted by belena - 5 years ago


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Posted by Lots-322716 - 5 years ago

How old is your son?

If he still has his deciduous teeth it's not a problem and he may grow out of it, but if he has his permanent teeth you need to take him to see his dentist because he'll be putting undue stress on the mandibular joint which could become painful and also cause irreversible grinding down and diminishing of his permanent teeth.

Children who have lost deciduous teeth and are cutting permanent ones frequently grind their teeth and clench their gums.

So until you say how old he is, difficult to advise.

It can be stress-related or just an unconscious habit. I have never ever heard of it being attributed to KDP's suggestion. In fact my sister who's a leading UK dental surgeon roared with laughter when I told her this!!

If he has permanent teeth the normal treatment is a mouth guard (the same as those worn for dental protection in sport). This is normally considered private treatment, so you'll have to pay for the impressions and the appliance which won't be reimbursed unless your dentist can illustrate it is detrimental to his health.

My ex partner did it and it drove me mad!

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Posted by KDP - 5 years ago

Sometimes this can be caused by worms, when my children start doing it, just recently as well, I de-worm them. This can be purchased from the pharmacy and is given orally.
Hope this helps!!

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Posted by LYVIE - 5 years ago

How old is he ? mine is 2 years old and was doing the same for about 6 month and stoped just like that ? ask your "pédiatre".