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Test for Trois Collines

Posted by Ben10-881031 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Eleanor R-181992 - 5 years ago

Ben 10, are you resident in Mougins?

There is no specific focus for Mougins based children to be admitted as such as the tests are all carried out and marked without taking into account where you live, but if you live in Mougins postcode, then if your child gets the same grade as another non Mougins child, then yours will have priority for the place. 

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Posted by Ben10-881031 - 5 years ago

Thank you Stasha for the info, it is pretty much what I suspected. Both of my children speak french in school and english at home. We have only been in France for a year and a half and they have done quite well I think so far, although my eldest is repeating CE1 this year, as when we arrived we had no french whatsoever. I have heard it is quite a demanding school as well so am in 2 minds really.

I did hear about the Mayor wanting to close part of the section to new non-Mougins students.

Thank you ;-)

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Posted by stasha-231960 - 5 years ago

My kids were interviewed by both the French and English teachers who teach at the school.  They are trying to get an idea of the level of fluency and comprehension in both languages--as well as aptitude for acquiring a second language if the child is not already bilingual.  I assume they also look at what languages are spoken at home because the curriculum is quite demanding for young children.  My child in CE1 often has a lot of homework.  I believe my older children (CM1 at the time) were asked to write some paragraphs because obviously they are at a different level than the CP's.  CE1 might be asked to read some things as they do quite a bit of reading at that level. 

Just fyi there was an uproar in Mougins because the mayor wanted to close the section to incoming students starting next year as not enough mouginois were being admitted (because Mougins carries the tax burden for the french section of school) . . . so this year there might be a focus on admitting more kids from mougins.  Can't be sure, though.  

On actual test day, the kids sign in at a table and wait for their name to be called.  Then they disappear with the teachers who teach their grade for about 1/2 an hour.  Then you get a letter in the mail if they've been admitted!  Good luck to you.